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Aug 16, 2007 09:05 AM

Oregon 'Hound/Daughter Loking For Ethnic In Miami/Sunny Isles

My 16 year old and I will be staying in Sunny Isles and visiting Miami for four days, and are interested in local ethnic fare; things we wouldn't see in the Northwest. Any ideas are appreciated. Thanks.

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  1. Bisselah Cafe on A1A is very good and right in your neighborhood. See posts on this board for more info. They are closed Friday night and Saturday until sunset.

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      Curiously the most prevalent ethnic food in Sunny Isles is Russian, though unfortunately I can't vouch for any of the places as I haven't tried. Though not particularly ethnic, Timo, in Sunny Isles, is one of my favorite local places. Somewhat mediterranean menu, which changes pretty regularly, good food, interesting wine list. Actually reminds me a bit of some of the places I loved out your way (which, I must tell you, is much more of a food mecca than here).

      If you trek south a bit down the stretch of Miami Beach toward 71st Street, you will reach the Normandy Island area which is something of a Little Buenos Aires. For a bit of local flavor, try Las Vacas Gordas, an Argentine parillada. Be prepared to eat lots of meat, simply grilled, and doused with pungent chimichurri.

      There is a supposedly pretty good Cuban place on the mainland side around Biscayne Blvd. and 135th Street but I don't recall the name - someone else on this board surely will.

      If you want to do something upscale with some focus on local ingredients and/or cooking styles, some of the top places I'd suggest would be Talula or Mark's South Beach, both in South Beach but a little tamer than the typical South Beach scene. Also Ola, which does "Nuevo Latino". If you're willing to trek a little bit, Ortanique in Coral Gables does excellent "Nuevo Caribbean" food.

    2. In North Miami Beach, check out Hiro's Yakko San for a really exciting menu of Japanese bar food and comfort food. Also, Cheen Huaye in NMB has very good Yucatecan food. Searching for either of these places on the board should yield some reviews.

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        Both of these are excellent calls (Yakko San in particular is one of my favorite places anywhere) though neither particularly say "Miami".
        Here is one of my odes to Yakko San:

      2. Little Havana is at 127 Street and Biscayne Blvd. Great Cuban.
        Up in Sunny Isles on A1A is the Rascal House, the last of the famous delis from the 50's.
        Ouzo's Taverna on 71 street in Miami Beach has decent Greek.