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Aug 16, 2007 08:32 AM


Tell me hounds, where do you get your elote? I know there's a cart in the lot of the Oltorf/Congress HEB, and another at Fiesta (I-35 and 38th). Any other recommendations, or is one stand largely the same as the next?

Also, how do you eat it? Do you prefer it on the cob or in a cup? And what do you like on yours?

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  1. The kind that's served in a cup is just canned corn, no no no it must be fresh and on the cob

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    1. re: femmenikita

      Don't they cut it off for you at some places?

      I like it on the cob with lime juice, butter, chili, and epazote.

      1. re: rudeboy

        Really? I must have gone to the wrong cart (someplace on the northeast side) and also was told by a friend who is from Mexico (and lives in that neighborhood) that, yes, most places he has been to in austin with corn in the cup pull it straight from a can. Hmm, it would be cool if I could take him to a place that cuts it off the cob. Apparently this one at Fiesta is the place to go; i'll have to check it out.

        1. re: rudeboy

          yeah where i go they cut it off the cob.


      2. The cart at Fiesta has been nationally recognized by either Gourmet, Food and Wine or Bon Appetit, I can't remember which. Anyway, that's my favorite in town. I like it in the cup with lime, butter, chile and salt.

        But, i usually just do it at home on the grill and eat it off the cob.

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        1. re: foodiegal71

          The Gourmet article mentioned some of the HEB carts -

          I do like the Fiesta vendor quite a bit (and it's most convenient to work and the office for me). I think the "elotes con vaso" (in a cup) style there is cut from the cob, but I haven't asked the vendor.

          1. re: foodiegal71

            I also like the cart at Fiesta. I like it en vaso with chile, a dab of butter, lime, a sprinkling of cheese, just a dab of mayo. But I can't even consider elote en vaso until the mercury dips about 30 degrees from where it's at now.

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              i have to say that i was actually really disappointed with the elote at the cart at the entrance of Fiesta. was i missing something? i LOVE elote in the cup with "all the fixings" (i.e. lime, mayo, chile, cheese). but i'm not used to that generic powdered parmesan cheese stuff <shudder> in my elote as they offer at this cart; i've usually had it with some variety of shredded mexican cheese. and also didn't help that they didn't drain all the water out of the cup, so it ended up being really soupy. bleh... any other suggestions out there? i guess it should be easy enough to make at home though...

            2. Fiesta and the 290 flea market :)

              Other than that I make it at home on the grill in the husk. I use butter, lime, parmesan cheese, mayo and chili powder all mixed together. YUM!!!!!

              1. I hit the Fiesta stand this weekend and can report that the corn in a cup there is definitely cut from the cob. Many of the kernels were still "honeycombed" together, and some were browned from the grill. It's kept hot in an electric roaster and I can't vouch for how long he keeps it in there. $2.00 for an ear, $2.50 for a small cup (~8 oz.) and $4 for a large cup.

                1. Thanks for the report, mkwng. Has any local 'hound tried several carts and compared their different takes on elote? It would be great if someone could post a comparison based on first-hand experience with several carts. Perhaps you, mkwng, are leading—or can lead–the chowhounding charge?

                  Call me cynical, but I don't care what food mags have to say. Bon Appétit just raved about Taco Taco in San Antonio, which is okay, but hardly deserving of national coverage. The place peaked about 5 to 7 years ago.