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Aug 16, 2007 08:15 AM

Saturday Lunch in Pasadena

My family including my 88 year-old Grandma are coming to visit me this weekend & I am trying to find a good lunch spot in Pasadena. Some place with yummy sandwiches & salads would be perfect. Also a spot without a long wait and that has air-conditioning is key as I don't my Gram out in the heat too long. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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  1. Green Street Restaurant sounds like the spot to me. There may be a slight wait, depending on what time you arrive on Saturday.... They also have a few chairs on the inside you can sit to wait for a table. While it can tend to get crowded in the waiting area, when packed, I'd HOPE someone would be decent enought to offer your grandmother their seat!

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      I second Green Street. Great sandwiches and salad and very friendly service. Cute atmosphere too.

      1. re: Clare K

        Green Street would be great for Gramma! A nice variety, and not too stuffy.

      2. re: The Oracle

        ...also, I'm pretty sure they take reservations for groups over 5 or 6

      3. Julienne.

        2649 Mission St, San Marino, CA 91108

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          Julienne gets really crowded, so I'd try to make a reservation today if you can (if they even take ressies, I don't know). But good food.

        2. Scarlett Tea Room would be a nice place to take grandma. Great sandwiches and salads. My mom's favorite place when she comes to visit. I love the mushroom sandwich.

          1. Perhaps, if the year was 1982, I'd send you to Green St.. But, I beg you, don't take grandma there. I second Scarlet Tea room, or, I love the Huntington( for you non-Pasadenians, Ritz Carlton) . Skip poolside, food is marginal. Go to dining room and have a proper meal. Walk over the bridge after lunch and enjoy the hotel. I also love Crepevine, but tends to get warm inside and tables are very close.

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                Nope, the Dining Room is dinner only. The Terrace is open for lunch.


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                ...the 80's made a come back, ya know. ;) But, seriously - even though Green Street has been around for 20 years or so - I'd hardly call them outdated. They did some remodeling a few years back and I think it's got a pleasant, lunch-time feel. The times I've taken family or friends there - it has pleased a wide range of palates, as they have a diverse selection of salads and sandwiches that rarely disappoints.

              3. My dad, who works down the street, highly recommends Lovebirds Cafe:

                It's on Colorado, and might fit your requirements. Green St., to me, is like Cafe Bizou - unremarkable food and too much of it. But again, that's just me.

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                  Love birds is a cafe, just to make that distinction. Yes, I'm sure the Ritz dining room is open for lunch. FYI, tea is fun there too.