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Aug 16, 2007 07:45 AM

Jellied chicken

I heard this mentioned on NPR without any explanation given. Any ideas as to what this dish may be?

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  1. It sounds like chicken in aspic.

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    1. Chicken in gelatin (aspic.) Poach whole chicken in a seasoned stock. The chicken is then cut into pieces and chilled in the greatly reduced stock which will gel. It can be made in a lovely mold and served as an elegant luncheon or buffet dish. Or in a plain loaf for everyday.
      I think you can find a recipe in Charleston Receipts, one of the very best of the Junior League cookbooks. The dish is/was very popular in the Low Country and much of the South. Speculation is that this may have originated with black cooks from the Caribbean. Possibly Gullah.
      Similar to other dishes in European cooking using pork or beef in aspic. Same idea. Simple foods made fancy. There are some Asian versions as well, particularly Vietnam and Shanghai which may be due to international influences there.