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Aug 16, 2007 07:42 AM

Baby's first birthday party

My little lady bug is turning one...
I need food suggestions that are fun
Garden party is the theme,
polka dots and things that are green. the poem sucks, but I'm trying to be creative with my daughters first birthday party.
Family and friends, adults and kids, afternoon around lunch time. I'd like to have everything made in advance and out for munching, so prep will take place mostly the night before. Adults will be there, so I want to put out food that taste good, but I want things to look cute for the kids and be something they can eat too.

I'm thinking butterflies, lady bugs, grasshoppers.....anything cute and garden related.
So far my appetizer ideas are:

1. Grasshopper dip - Green bell pepper sliced in half and carved out. Two bug eyes made from black olives, and long green legs made from chives. The body gets filled with a dip for veggie snacks.

2. Ladybug crackers - Round ritz crackers with a cream cheese based spread on them. A half of a cherry tomato cut side down sits on the cracker forming the body of a ladybug. A little back food coloring in the cream cheese to make the polka dots on the back, and a small black olive for the lady bug head.

3. Bug cakes - Mini cupcakes decorated like bugs. Red lady bugs, green bugs, etc.....bright colors. Big sheet cake to cut into and decorate, but covered with bug cakes.

4. chocolate flies - Little hersey kisses softened in the oven, and then two mini pretzles stuck into the chocolate to make winds. I'll probably have to prop them up a little until the chocolate hardens again, but sounded like a cool snack idea.

Any other ideas, especially for a main course???
Any suggesions for the party? This occasion will only happen I'm counting on some good Chowhound help to make my daughter squeal with delight!

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. You certainly could have tea sandwiches cut out in flower and leaf shapes. How about ants on a log? Also, you could serve some of the dipping items in lined flower pots.

      How about a Garden Salad?

      Something fun for the adults...You could buy a bunch of unique produce and have guests either by taste or sight identify the items and the one who gets the most correct wins a prize.

      Will there be older children at the party? If so, you can have arts and craft activities for them. Have them plant seeds in starter pots and they could decorate the pots too.

      Hope I gave a few ideas for the party. Sorry, no real main course ideas are coming to me...good luck!

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      1. re: chocolate chick

        I think we're on the same page. I'm thinking more picnic style. Yeah, Ants on a log should be an obvious choice for a garden party with kids. Cool. We also just bought a big butterfly cookie cutter to make finger sandwhiches. PBJs for the kiddies and maybe a chicken salad type for the adults.
        I also like the flower pot some of those in the garage. salad....why didn't I think of that!
        Great ideas......Thanks so much. I can't wait!

        1. re: egbluesuede

          That "dirt" dessert (really chocolate pudding) with oreos on top and gummy worms. Not very chowhoundish, but it does fit your theme. And kids love it...

          1. re: tarrytown hound

            Man, why didn't I think of that! You are quite crafty Tarrytown, I like the way you think.

            1. re: tarrytown hound

              Kids Schmids......I love gummy candy. COOL IDEA! Thanks!

        2. Maybe this link will help:

          For main course perhaps a pasta salad - I am sure there is some sort of past out there that looks like flowers to some degree (can't recall the name of the one I am thinking of) and that could go with the flower sandwiches on the link above. If you wanted to grill out at the party then I suppose you could cut out burgers with a flower cookie cutter.

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          1. re: sheronda295

            I think we will use someting like the little flower shaped sandwhiches.....thanks for the link.

            1. use bowtie pasta for the pasta salad.....looks like butterflies.

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              1. re: rayrayray

                little mini pizzas with veggies topped to look like smiley faces

                stuffed mushrooms are cute

                mini "baby" quiches

                could also do a brunchy theme with shaped pancakes

                in addition to dirt cake, cake baked in ice cream cones is also very child friendly