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Aug 16, 2007 07:36 AM

Best Mithai (sweets) in Jackson Heights?

Which shop in Jackson Heights do you all think has the best mithai? I've been disappointed with the sweets I've bought in the neighborhood so far--they often seem stale. But I haven't tried every sweet shop by any means. Anyone have a favorite? What's good there?

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  1. Maharaja Sweets & Snacks on 37th Av/73rd St
    Lots of chum chum to choose from. My favorite is the white one, sliced in half with a layer of condensed milk in between, silver foil and cherry on top. The burfis are also decent.

    1. I've gotta give my recommendation to Raj Bhog - Full vegetarian food and great sweets not to mention what I think is the best masala chai in JH.

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        I've found some of the barfi to be a little stale tasting when I've eaten there. Maharaja has been better to me, but I only get besan laddoo when I go.

      2. Are there any other noteworthy places for Mithai? I am going to Jackson Diner for dinner tonight and would love to buy some kaju burfi and ladoo and other tasty things that I don't know the names of for dessert.

        1. not sure of any of the names but all the stuff I've sampled at al naimat have been good and the place really moves the product.