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Aug 16, 2007 07:35 AM

Locally raised, grass-fed lamb and beef

I have been searching for a good source of organically and locally raised, grass-fed lamb and beef out here in Chester County (and surrounding areas). I've bought both at Hendricks <> in Telford, but would like to find a place where I can buy a half or whole lamb, and a half or quarter beef.

We're about to try Tussock Sedge <> for beef, and I have been talking to a place called Woodsong Hollow Farms (in Boyertown) for lamb. One question that came up is whether lamb that has been raised on grass but also given some grain is OK.

Does anyone have experience with either of these farms or any others nearby that raise beef and/or lamb? What do you think about the grass vs. grass+grain issue? There is a long thread about this on another board (Not About Food), which has a lot of great information about the husbandry and health aspects of grass vs. grain with regard to beef, and I assume the same issues are true for lamb. I'm just wondering if people on this board have experience with our local farmers on this issue.

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  1. Lambs are ruminants, like cows, they're built for eating grass. So I'd imagine the benefits of eating grass-fed lamb are similar to those for grass-fed beef. Grain-fed beef is a man-made product, it doesn't exist in nature because cows don't eat corn. The only reason that people in this country think grass-fed beef tastes funny is because the only type of beef most people have eaten in their lives has been grain-fed.

    Last year at the Headhouse Square Saturday farmer's market, there was a lady who sold grass-fed beef. I can't remember the name of the farm though, and I haven't seen her at this year's Sunday farmer's market.

    1. Fair food farm at the Reading Terminal gets their lamb from Jamison Farms in Latrobe. I don't know if anyone near you carries it but you can order from them directly. Their web site has lots of good info as well.
      They say the hand feed the lambs grain and corn in the winter (makes sense!)

      1. I also think Livingoods, who are at the terminal on Saurday, have grass fed beef - I am not sure where they are located, but they go to many of the farmers markets

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