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Aug 16, 2007 07:19 AM

staying at Sheraton on Miami beach for 2 days. what do eat!?

i'm a canadian visiting to Miami beach for this weekend with my wife....staying at the Sheraton on the island without a car.

what's great to see and do in the area.

starving in anticipation!

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  1. ssainani>

    The Sheraton is on 43rd Street so you'll be limited to public transport or taxis. Closest dinner place would be the Forge on 41st (due west) which has a party atmosphere on Sunday nights late. Check out to see some of the fine dining options now on summer special. There are a number of posts on this board with great recommendations for Spice menus too. Social at the Sagamore does not discount their menu on weekends but it is very sceney and popular Friday and Saturday nights (need a reservation). Spice Dinner at the Raleigh would be fun (they also have a Sunday evening pool party).


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    1. re: advisor_Girl

      i should add -- i'm totally okay with hole in the wall places with great food.

      any cheap great cuban eats in that area?

      i'm sad that it's not the season for claws and joes crabs :\

      1. re: advisor_Girl

        The forge has soulfoud sundays which I hear is very good. Might be worth a try.

        To the OP - It is normally a very good steakhouse.

        If you are looking for other good eats, I only know of ones a few miles north - 71st st, and south - SOBE. Please post if you can go that far...

      2. Is this the Sheraton Bal Harbour? I thought it was closed.


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        1. re: Bob Mervine

          Bob, you are right the wrecking balls are on the way to the one in Bal Harbour. Sheraton has a great property on second and Ocean Drive in South Beach. Not sure if that's the one they're staying at or the 4 points up on 43rd?

          Itf they'll be at the one on 2nd & Ocean Drive...

          Danny DeVito's just opened up across the street to not so rave reviews. Prime 112 is a 1/2 block from there, Taverna OPA a block away. Nemo, Shoji, Sylvanos and Big Pink are around the corner. Joe's Stone Crabs is two blocks away and Smith and Wollensky is a great place for drinks and siteseeing (steak too) over at South Pointe Park, maybe a 3 block hike...then on Washington Ave between 4-5th Streets are some other great restaurants: China Grill; Tuscan Steakhouse; Fratella di Bufalo...

          1. re: netmover

            thanks for the prompt replies

            we're staying at the 4 points up on 43rd!

            is there any great cuban eats within normal taxi distance?