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Aug 16, 2007 06:39 AM

Philly, Gettysburg and Hershey..where to eat

We're spending a few days traveling through these areas and need some interesting places to eat. We will be going for a cheese steak and I'll get the info from other threads, but we're looking for other fun/good food places besides the sandwich. We've got a 13 yr old that eats anything so it should be a little easier. Our only prerequisite is that it's not "haute". Thanks in advance for your info.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Do no responses mean that there's nowhere good to eat in Gettysburg and Hershey? Yikes!

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        The Dobbin House on Steinwehr Ave is a very good place. The tavern downstairs is informal and a super atmosphere. Upstairs is formal with more choices and higher priced. O'rorkes on Steinwehr too has good sandwichers and salads. Good place for a drink also. La Bella Italia on York St has great salads, pizza and sandwiches. You can also grab a bottle of beer. Would not go to Appalachian Brewing Company. The one and only time I was there the service was terrible and the manager was blowing his nose and then wraping silver....YUCK! And yes Gettysburg is my home town!

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          Thanks Suzy for your advice, unfortunately I asked toolate. By the time you replied I was already back from our trip. We ended up eating at "The Pub". No one got sick! Thanks again for your response and I'll keepit inmind for the next trip.