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Aug 16, 2007 06:36 AM

Good Indian in the east 50's

I'm looking for a good Indian restaurant for an early dinner tonight. Something in the east 50's would be best. I know there are lots of places in this area, but what are your faves and must eat dishes?



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  1. I actually really like Dawat, and have heard good things at the place next door nearby - Chola maybe? I'll look up the menu and try to remember some of the dishes. The breads are wonderful.

    Lamb Chops "Gurnar"
    Duck "Vindaloo"
    Tandoori Grilled Vegetables
    Keema Samosa
    Aloo Tikkyas with Red Peshawari Chutney
    Murgh Jehangiri
    Lemon Rice
    Timatar Raita

    And I would swear that I had Shrimp Biryani there, but don't see it on the menu on menupages.

    Just a warning by the way, depending on what the purpose of your dinner is, while the service is very gracious, the decor is on the dated side. They are good with kids there also, in my experience.

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      Chola should be good...they have a "branch office" in Greenwich CT, which is excellent.

      Dawat is good too, agree on the dated decor. Definately going for food, not atmosphere.

      PS, I've noticed that every Indian restaurant I've been to with my kids is great with them...very warm and friendly. My kids are very well behaved, but occasionally get a bit antsy, and I never got anything other than indulgent treatment from the staffs. It must be a cultural thing...I think of Indians as the "Mediterraneans" of the Pacific, in terms of their apparent family orientation as a result.

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        Absolutely true about the children - we were at Dawat w/ a client of my husband's and his wife and infant. I wouldn't have brought an infant there myself, but the staff were incredibly nice about it.

    2. Amma on E51st, just off 2nd ave is excellent, never had a disappointing dish there. Very refined versions of the classics plus some interesting updates - something for everyone. And save room for the mango cheesecake!

      1. Chola is incredible!

        1. Stay away from Ada -- bad food at worse prices

          1. It's on E. 49th, is that ok? I HIGHLY recommend Bukhara Grill.

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              just went to bukhara grill... caught the tail end of the lunch buffet... whenever i am in town we try one or two new indian places and i think this may be my new favorite... (previously chola got my vote, for those tasty chaat dishes they deliver to your table... the rest of the buffet was just OK.) anyway, i really enjoyed the chaat bar (great creamy yogurt), the tandoori vegetables, the veggie balls in the yellow cream sauce (looked like something similar to malai kofta, can't remember the name of this dish), and my favorite dish was the paneer and veggies in a spicy, creamy sauce. though i usually don't like dal makhani, this was one of the better versions of it i've tried for sure. oh, and the baskets of fresh naan were awesome, perfectly chewy and doughy.
              what i didn't like about the meal - the saag paneer was by far the weakest vegetarian offering. and the service was really, incredibly annoying. at all times, there were a minimum of two staff watching us eat from a distance of three to seven feet away. i probably could have eaten more, but i just didn't feel comfortable there so only had one plate with a bite of everything plus a small bit of chaat. we very uncomfortably finished our beers as quickly as we could and left. they also don't know how to keep out of the way of the buffet patrons, and there were several bumpings i witnessed or experienced myself at one particular bottleneck near the top of the steps.
              anyway, i'd love to go back, loved most of the food, but i probably would only do takeout. i just really can't stand service like that. and it's a sad thing, when you go to a buffet and find yourself eating dinner just a couple hours later!