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Weekday Lunch in Wayland or Weston?

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  • Valyn Aug 16, 2007 06:34 AM
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I'm in Acton and a friend is in Needham, so we'd like to meet in the middle. Any suggestions for a decent weekday restaurant lunch (not a sandwich place unless it's spectacular). Thanks!

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  1. Off Center in Weston center has nice gourmet lunches but is small and lacking in ambiance. Nothing great for lunch in wayland i'd recomend. You'd be better off meeting in waltham or sudbury which have many more CH friendly places. although for awesome jewish deli, Joan & Ed's in Natick can't be beat outside of Brookline.

    1. You might do better to head into Waltham. Great options all over Moody and Main Streets. Search the board for Waltham and you'll come up with many options :)