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Aug 16, 2007 06:25 AM

South Haven, MI Help

Wiil be in South Haven for the first time for a couple of days. Need recs for lunches and dinners---thanks!

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  1. Tello's Trattoria has excellent, Italian-oriented food. The Fish Pail (formerly Three Pelicans) is pretty good for seafood. Magnolia Grill (on the boat) is not bad too. For ice cream, go to Sherman's Dairy Bar. More info on South Haven at

    Other people on this board have recommended the Journeyman Cafe in Fennville and Everyday People Cafe in Douglas, but I haven't yet been to either. Both are about 20 miles away. You'll find additional recommendations in Southwest Michigan at and in Grand Rapids (50 miles away) at

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      Thanks so much for these recs. After South Haven we're heading to Saugatuck for two nights? Do you know that area?

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        I'm not *as* familiar with Saugatuck. But both the places I mentioned above (in Fennville and Douglas) are very close to Saugatuck, and are the places everyone here recommends whenever anyone asks about Saugatuck. I'm looking forward to trying both of them the next time I'm in that area.

        Two other discussions about Saugatuck: (primarily breakfast recommendations)


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          The second link in the above post is wrong. The correct link is:

    2. This may be too late for your schedule. I've lived near South Haven for 5 years. The best food is served at Hawkshead Golf Course dining room, a few miles northeast of town. Good breakfast/lunch at Phoenix Cafe. Enjoy!!