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Aug 16, 2007 06:23 AM

Hartford/East Hartford

We couldn't really afford a get away but we're going anyway because I need a break from all the pressures of this summer. So price being the main guide here, I went to and found a deal for $49 a night, which includes $10 a night dining credit at the Holiday Inn in East Hartford, CT.

So we're going there. :)

I know there's a couple of places that have at least gyros, if not other greek foods, and I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations along that line. Or for other, not-too-expensive-on-a-budget-meals (entrees for $15 or less, preferably) for us (just me and my husband, no kids). We really like getting ethnic foods that are not available to us in Vermont, and the hotel has WIFI so I'll be checking back here while we're gone (we're leaving in about an hour).

Thanks in advance for your thoughts. :)

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  1. There is a place in East Hartford, not to far from your hotel.That is mexican style,called Margaritas its at 350 Roberts st. Also not far from where you are is a lunch place that serves dogs and burgers and fish. Its a take out window or stand at the counter place. That is very good. Its on Pitkin st. Ask at the desk, they will give you directions im sure. This is the website for the mexican place. They have a nice Restaurant in the hotel your staying at also. This site should help you finding some places to eat. Take a look at some of the places ,be careful some are expensive. Most of them in Hartford will be high priced My advise if you find one that looks good , ask at the front desk about them. There are also many pizza and grinder places with in 5 miles of where you are staying. There is a place on Main St. in East Hartford Called Savie's that is good. Good luck . Earle

    1. A couple of things in the area:

      I would head next door to Manchester for the famous Shady Glen cheeseburger.....and then their delicious ice cream for dessert!

      Also, First and Last Tavern in Hartford is fun and makes good pizza
      I would also head down Franklin Avenue for some great Italian pastries at

      Don't miss the Wadsworth Atheneum and Elizabeth Park while you're visiting.....

      Mozzicato de Pasquale
      329 Franklin Ave, Hartford, CT 06114

      First & Last Tavern
      939 Maple Ave, Hartford, CT 06114

      Shady Glen Dairy Stores
      360 Middle Tpke W, Manchester, CT 06040

      1. From your hotel you can walk across the CT River into downtown can probably dine at almost any restaurant on your budget by sitting at the bar and having appetizers, eating at more expensive spots at lunch, even Max Downtown's "tavern menu" served in the very nice bar is within your budget for dinner..

        a few downtown Htfd suggestions
        Max Downtown...upscale Modern Chop House on Asylum...
        Tapas on Ann...Mediterranean on Ann St..very casual and funky
        Hot Tomatoes...Modern Italian in Union Station...
        Bin bar with Paninis etc...on Pearl St...

        downtown is pretty can walk around and read menus easily

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          84 east to 384 east...exit 3...go to light...go left 200 yards...Mulberry St Pizza
          10 minutes 10 minutes away

 light go right over bridge...up main to Oak st...turn right...100 feet...Sinnamon Shop for great

          1. re: sodagirl

            My folks live right around the corner from Mulberry pizza and they really dislike it. They are big lovers of Modern and Sally's in New maybe they just don't like the style Mulberry serves it a thin, charred crust??

            1. re: Science Chick

              I have several friends who either like Greek style,..thick crust or have been to New haven and don't think it is worth going any where else...can't criticize anyonbes parents but Mulberry must be doing something right...they had a tent up at the car show a few eeks ago and couldn't keep up with the demand and there were several other shops on main street open as well

              My favorite is a plain cheese or pepperoni well done...

              it is as goodas anything I have had in New Havenm (that should get some feedback huh?)...the place is very busy...any specifics why they don;t like it?...everyone I talk to seems to think it has some great food...definitely in a weird location but I eat there frequently...let me know

        2. Tonight, why don't you get barbecue to go from B&J's Indoor Barbecue at 242 Burnside Ave, East Hartford. Then take it to the East Hartford Town Green (1021 Main St.) for the free concert. Tonight they have interesting group called Baka Beyond.

          Tomorrow for lunch, you have to go to Shady Glen for a cheeseburger. They have two of them. The one at 801 Middle Tpke E, Manchester, CT is the original.

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            Yes, definitely go to the E. Middle Tpk one..much better than the one in the middle of the Parkade shopping center!

          2. For Greek try Tapas in West Hartford or now in Bloomfield both about 12 min. from your hotel. Don't try to walk into Hartford its too far. Its easy to park in Hartford on the weekends. The fried seafood stand mentioned is Mickey's,good but stand up to eat or a few outdoor tables. Great Thai, Peruvian, Jamaican, Vietnanese around. Search these boards.