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Aug 16, 2007 05:26 AM

Nick's Fish Counter in Cross St. Market

My fiancee and I are preparing to move to Fed. Hill/South Baltimore, and I am curious about Nick's. I've heard a lot of bad/mediocre things about Nick's Fish House, and a lot of good things about the raw bar in the market. Does the praise apply to the sushi, steamed stuff, etc.? Any past experiences would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.


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  1. I think the steamed shrimp and oysters at Nick's at the Market are really good. Every time I've had the shrimp they are cooked perfectly. There are bunch of other vendors that are good too, but no names are standing out at this particular time. The sushi is pretty good (the rolls are large) but I think you'd be better off going to Matsuri next door. Big Jim's closer to the Light Street entrance is also great for sandwiches.

    1. Steamed shrimp, raw oysters, crab soup, crab cakes, sushi - all very good, it's not as cheap as it used to be but oh well, at least the beer is still cheap! Go, it's a fun way to spend a Saturday or Sunday afternoon, you'll see a true cross section of Baltimore!

      1. I actually really like the sushi. The steamed shrimp are almost always mildly to extremely overcooked in my experience, though I have gotten them perfectly cooked a couple of times. Oysters good. Mussels good. I'm not a big fried calamari guy but my s.o. loves it. I had a softshell sandwich there a couple times and they were good. Agree with hon's assessment htat its a great place to spend a weekend afternoon, I usually go there before Sunday O's games when I'm in town. Just advise that if you order the steamed shrimp, do so by the half pound rather than in larger quantities, and immediately spread them out on something when you get them so they don't continue to cook themselves, piled up and insulated in the little carbdoardish disposable bowl they are served in.

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          The sushi is ok - not great, but good enough.
          But the main event for us is the raw oysters!! We've had some excellent oysters there, and I think that while it may not be as cheap as it used to be, it's still very reasonable.
          It is definitely a great way to pass a Sunday afternoon - fresh oysters, a bowl of fries and some beer. The oyster shuckers are really really nice, too, and everyone is usually in a good mood and friendly. It's just fun.

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            That's been one of my go-to places for raw oysters, and I've never been disappointed. But a few weeks ago I stopped in and got a fried oyster sandwich, and it was pathetic. Three small oysters on two slices of white bread for $10. I ate the oysters and the chips, then walked down the market for some actual food.

            I'll stick to the raw, thank you. Never had the sushi or anything else.

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            The shrimp used to be steamed to order, it's now steamed ahead and kept in a warming pan, not ideal. It's been decent when I've had it but the steamed to order was way better.

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              I thought I had noticed that too on my last visit a couple weeks back...that's unfortunate

          3. Thanks for all the info. Maybe after a weekend of moving we will check it out on Sunday afternoon.

            1. The market is closed on Sundays.

              My husband likes the fried fish bites (cheap!) and I think the Maryland crab soup is the best around (not cheap). The raw oysters are usually good, but don't expect service with a smile on that side of the wall. Plus, they are $7 or $8 a half-dozen -- I'd rather buy twice that from the fishmonger and shuck them myself at home.

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                It's true that most of Cross Street Market is closed on Sunday's but Nick's is most definitely open. Since most of the market is closed, you have to enter the market at the Charles Street end, where Nick's is.