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Aug 16, 2007 05:18 AM

Comfort in Hastings on Hudson - Food Value in Westchester

Being newbies to the area we've been making a serious effort to taste what westchester has to offer. Generally, we are looking for food value - we will go in to the city for a special meal. Anyhow, we were on our way to blu in hastings yesterday when we passed by Comfort and decided to give that a try instead.

We ordered a large roasted beet, mesclun, red onion, goat cheese salad. The beets were clearly home roasted, and the dressing was light. It was a tasty light salad. Then we had the Copper River Salmon with green peas and lowfat mac and cheese. The salmon was a good piece of fish, definitely wild salmon. It was beautiful from the outside but a little overcooked and a tad underseasoned. It was still very tasty and we enjoyed it immensely. The peas were nice. The mac and cheese did not taste low fat - which is a major culinary achievement in my mind. However, the mac was a bit soggy - the pasta overcooked. We also had two lemonades that were very good and refreshing.

We were stuffed, the bill was 30 even, and we felt that for a change we know a place in Westchester with good food value.

598 Warburton Avenue
(914) 478-4677

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  1. Sounds like a good find.....I've never been there. Were you there for lunch or dinner?

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      (Dis) Comfort. We went to Comfort based on some recommendations for lunch the other day. I was really looking forward to it because of the fresh food and the fact I like to patronize local places. This place should be take out only, and only if they improve. There are only 5 tables and the waitress could not seem to manage them. She did not know the basics of being a server, seeing water glasses drained and only brought water to one person and only when he asked twice. We ordered iced tea which came after our meals were finished. If it were at least acknowledged and asked if we still wanted it or something else offered, the oversight might have been forgiven. The salad was skimpy and literally was one salad leaf deep. Macaroni and cheese noodles were falling apart since they were so overcooked and barely enough cheese to give it flavor. Wet elbows with bits of yellow. Tasted like you had hot noodles with some skim milk and dropped in pieces of cheese. You can make low fat mac and cheese without it tasting like that and if you cannot, then make it the right way and it will be decadent and delicious and still organic but at least palatable. The organic burger was passable although firm packing of meat ruined the texture. Why wasn't this cooked on their flame broiler? They had one, which they were using to toast buns. I asked for sauteed onions, knowing that they were going to throw onions on the grill. I got a reproachful lecture from this waitress on how the cooking style is different for grilled onions or sauteed onions, which I didnt need. I didnt think the onions were going to be put on a real grill, like you would grill other vegetables. The soup was ok but the portion for the price was off. Service was an afterthought. The couple next to us got their order wrong as well. The door keeps opening, letting in freezing air. Constant dropping of pots and pans and loud talking behind the counter. Not comfort. Perhaps it was an off day, but I don't think I would try them again simply because this server acted like she not only started that day, but had never seen a server before in order to at least follow a model. I usually am not this harsh on a place, I know the industry and understand how hard it is, but after 25 dollars for lunch and a clientele you really want to keep in these times, please improve and get a server that realizes they are in a restaurant. This one was just...unaware, inattentive, snobbish and smug without reason to be.

    2. I've been here a few times, and it just doesn't seem to be that great.

      The first time I did take out. I got their veggie burger and a side of their kale. So I ordered, paid, and only then did the 16 year old waitress tell me that it was going to take at least 20 minutes for my order. Perhaps she should've mentioned that before I paid, but I was hopeful that the burger would make up for the amount of time I had to stand there. I was wrong. The burger wasn't very flavorful, and it fell apart and seemed to be too large for the bun. To their credit, the kale was nice.

      I've eaten there a couple times inside, hoping that would be better, but it wasn't. It is always so chaotic with the kitchen being right next to the tables. It is awfully cold in there too, especially with the door constanrly opening and closing. They even had space heaters next to some of the tables because they obviously know just how cold it is in there.

      I got their chicken breast recently, and it was definitely overcooked. My boyfriend got the pork tenderloin sandwich, but nothing came with it. Not even some mixed greens. The waitress had to be no older than 17 and could barely handle our table and the table next to ours. No glasses were refilled and when I asked for the honey mustard and their "Spicy finger" sauce, she replied with "Huh? What's that?" and proceeded to hand me a jar of hot sauce. The table next to us seemed to be disappointed too, because they asked for a side of cornbread, which for some reason they didn't have that day, and then the table asked for another side, which the restaurant didn't seem to have either. Finally the waitress had to write down all the sides they didn't have that day, which seemed to be quite a lot.

      I was hopeful that it would be a nice new place to go to, but's definitely not a place I would recommend.

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      1. re: bnc

        The food is great when it's great; unfortunately, it's not consistent. Last time we got take-out, the usually wonderful mashed potatoes were inedible - there was some strange sour taste to them!
        Our friends joke that, if you're getting take-out from Comfort, you should just call in and tell them to give you whatever they feel like giving you, because that's what you'll get anyway. String beans, black beans -- what's the difference???
        Seriously, more often than not, the order is wrong. If you call to complain, they'll make good on it, but that sort of defeats the purpose of take-out, which is speed and/or convenience. Schlepping back to the place to get the right stuff is a nuisance.
        Finally, the service (take-out or eat-in) is atrocious. The staff is not just untrained, it's as if they've never eaten in a restaurant themselves! You can wait forever for things, and the servers don't follow up once they've plopped, slammed or plunked your plate on the table. You can call in your take-out order, but it doesn't matter; it won't be ready when you get there, no matter when you get there.
        Let's hope that when they reopen, better service will be part of the plan.