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Aug 16, 2007 05:11 AM

Lobster dinner at the shore near Belmar?

I would like to take my wife out for a nice lobster dinner. We are located near Belmar but will travel to have a great meal. It seems many places along the shore this season have poor service, small portions and high prices- Any suggestions for a nice place- (casual dining)
Thank you

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  1. Not much in the way of decor but I would recommend Spikes in Pt. Pleasant Beach.

    1. When in the mood for lobster, I usually head into the Highlands (not too far a drive from Belmar). I'm particularly partial to the Inlet Cafe.

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        How about The Quay in Sea Bright? Lobster buffet 3 nights a week!

      2. i second Spikes in Pt. Pleasant Beach and also Mr. Shrimp located right in Belmar on Rt.71