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Aug 16, 2007 04:34 AM

Grilling Sardines

Have some fresh sardines want to grill med style. Anyone have a tried and true recipe/marinade for them? I've fileted them before, stuffed them and wrapped in pancetta, but I am looking for something more simple with lemon flavour preferrably.

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  1. A Sicilian style is to put a bit of fresh mint in them, grill them, serve ith a slice of lemon. Very tasty.

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      Great. I have only done the olive oil, lemon,parsely and coarse sea salt. Do you put the mint in the body cavity and grill them dry, dress them after?

      1. re: itryalot

        Wash out the cavity, dry the fish inside and out, and spread within the cavity bruised whole mint leaves. Put the slightest drizzle of olive oil on the outside, and swab it down, so that it's not too oily. Put the sardine on a hot grill. About (depending on thickness) 2 minutes a side. Plate, with a slice of lemon, and a decent Italian white in the glass. Oh... and use your fingers, to get all the flesh.

        Cin cin!

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          I like the sprig of thyme in the cavity and grilled gently over wood. Squeeze of lemon and a little sea salt. Word of advice: Grilling sardines can let off some serious stink - make sure the windows are shut if your grill is close to the house!!

    2. Stink is an understatement. These were very fresh and did a few different fillings. Now I remember, it was fresh anchovies I had in Italy not sardines. I did not realize they were so delicate; what do you all do about the skin and the very fine bones?

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        Depends how big your sardines are. In France we had very small ones that you could eat whole - head, bones and all. For bigger ones (5"+) just ''filet' them on your plate. It's pretty easy once they're cooked. But keep the skin on - it's great.

      2. There are some good Sicilian whites appearing in North America now, but, even following my Sicilian style sardine recommendation, I'd say, have an Albarino with those sardines. perfect match.

        1. Just made them today. Blended olive oil, garlic, fennel and capers together and poured on the filets. Then, secured with skewers and grilled. Serve with Albarino as someone mentioned below. Excellent.