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Aug 16, 2007 01:00 AM

Maid Rite

Where are all the Maid Rite stores in Iowa or at least around Iowa City? I have never been to one but now the search is on.....!!

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  1. We have a handful up in Cedar Rapids and Marion (1000 7th Ave, Marion, on the square).

    1. There's one in Dubuque, Iowa near the Kennedy Mall.

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        I found it today! Right down the road from North Liberty! Had my first Maid Rite sandwich and it was everything everyone said it would be! Thanks for the info!! Carol

      2. There is also one in the Amana's, right off of exit 225. It's actually a "Maid-Rite Superstore", whatever that might mean! I grew up in Newton, IA, and we had one there - the best butterscotch malts I've ever had!

        1. There used to be one in Coralville but it is now Los Cabos - good Mexican. If I recall correctly there also used to be one on the Eastside of IC but I don't know the fate of that location.

          1. There's one on 12th Street in Quincy, IL should you ever be there. It's right by the Blessing Hospital campus, been there forever. The other was by the mall and it closed recently.