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Aug 16, 2007 12:41 AM

Best Fried Chicken in Dallas?

Title says it all.

Though to contribute, the best I know of is Bubba's near SMU. They do excellent, crisp fried chicken with biscuit and requisite sides and around dinner time it is, to quote a review, "about as packed as a Soviet-era bread line."

6617 Hillcrest Ave
Dallas, TX 75205
(214) 373-6527

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  1. For me, the best fried chicken would be pan fried and I don't know any place that does that. A big bonus would be real pan gravy. If any hounds know of such a place I would love to hear about it.

    We rarely go out for fried chicken but if we do, we generally head to Babe's (multiple locations). If you like Bubba's then you will like Babe's as they have the same ownership. The chicken is deep fried but is served family style along with pretty good sides which are included with the entree - salad (just ok), mashed potatoes, creamed corn, green beans and decent gravy (better than the usual bland, white, pasty from a mix stuff) plus pretty good biscuits with honey or sorghum. All the sides are available for as many refills as you want and they also have other entree options at most locations. In addition, their desserts are good - particularly the coconut or chocolate meringue pies.

    Not as good as pan fried but a good option for a fried chicken dinner outside of cooking it yourself....

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    1. re: queenie

      There is of course also Brothers Fried Chicken, but I just don't think anybody can really stack up to Babes/Bubbas ..

      1. re: irodguy

        How could I forget Brother's? It, too, is a longtime fave (it was Hall's before Brothers) and totally different from the others. White bread piled with french fries, fried chicken, pickles and jalepeno....pretty tasty. Still deep fried but good.

        1. re: queenie

          Brother's Fried Chicken gets my nod for the best fried chicken in Dallas. If Babe's were to brine their chicken before frying, I think they would be the clear winner, but the times I have had their chicken it seemed they were a little under seasoned. Still great fried chicken, though.

          1. re: adkim

            I believe Babe's does brine their chicken. There was a write-up about them in Texas Monthly I believe and one of the questions was something like "how does your chicken taste so good?" I remember them talking about their brining because I started experimenting with brining after reading that story.

            1. re: adkim

              I had Babe's the other day for lunch. I agree that their chicken was a little on the bland side. However, the creamed corn and biscuits were excellent and more than made up for the chicken. I would like to explore some of their other offerings. Catfish may be next. Throw in great service and atmosphere...and you have a very unique and wonderful experience.


              *enjoy the sauce*

              1. re: ikirumata

                Babe's is also BYOB. Nothing better than a vintage champagne and some damn good fried chicken.

                1. re: BellaDonna

                  Are all of their locations BYOB?

      2. I remember Celebration on Lovers Lane having really good fried chicken.

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        1. re: bpbstock

          Celebration has good Fried Chicken but not as good as Babe's and not every night. I believe chicken days or Sunday, Monday & possibly Tuesday.

        2. I have heard that Dean Fearing is cooking pan fried chicken at the Ritz Carlton on Sundays. Sounds very pricey for chicken.

          1. The Babe's in Sanger is better to me, for some reason.

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            1. re: kingofkings

              Yep for some reason the Sanger location of Babes makes their chicken more crispy than any of their other locations. They are by far the best.

              Bubbas in Highland and Brothers on Gaston are good for near downtown. I heard through the grapevine that Bubbas will be closing soon evidently the owners of Synder Plaza are busy raising rents and the venerable restaurants cannot afford to stay. First to go was Balls who they gave a two week notice to get out.

              1. re: irodguy

                You are correct about the Snyder Plaza landlord actually gave Balls 2 weeks to vacate with chance to negotiate and a Dunkin Donuts will take it's place. Fortunately, the Bubba rumor seems to be just that and they are staying. It was a very nasty rumor flying around the neighborhood that had all the natives restless. Good news.

                1. re: J.R.

                  J.R. - That seems to be my understanding as well. I think I actually heard that Bubbas owns their own building there on Hillcrest, but that could ust be a rumor too. I know the question in Dallas, but I think the Babe's in Roanoke is worth the drive out there. It is the orginal Babes and has a more limited menu but is a really neat place and streetscape, makes you feel like you are far away from urban dallas (which you are). Brothers is great, but it is better for takeout, not a lot of seating.

                  1. re: foodiedfw

                    Tam’s Soul Food was founded in 2000, by Tambra Burkins as a source for the DFW to experience true Soul Food and with the attention that the Fried Chicken has received on it’s own Tam has decide to bring you under the umbrella of Tam’s Soul Location:
                    1718 Ewing
                    Dallas, TX, 75256


            2. Don't know if anyone's checking this anymore, but... the best fried chicken places in Dallas are: Rudy's off Lancaster in S. Dallas- chicken is fried nice and dark! The downside is you can't sit down & eat, you gotta stand in line & order at the window. Also if you're caucasian and being in "black South Dallas" causes you concern, well then go to my second best place for fried chicken, Bubba's in University Park, near SMU. Chicken is fried golden brown (not dark) and is very crunchy! As far as racial composition, this is the opposite of Rudy's. So it's #1 Rudys, #2 Bubbas

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              1. re: donedave

                Surely all true foodies are willing to travel outside their comfort zones for great food ... thanks for the recommendation.

                1. re: donedave

                  ABSOLUTELY. Rudy's... worth the trip. Bubba's doesn't even come close. Bland.

                  1. re: donedave

                    So how does Rudy's compare to Big Mamma's? From what I have read on the net it sounds very similar