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Aug 15, 2007 11:00 PM

Whole Foods Market Potrero Hill - Opening Date

I drove by a few weeks ago and it looked very nice. Anyone know when it will open? Can't wait to go shop there!

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  1. Per Potrero View it opens Sept 12.

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      1. re: srr

        17th & Rhode Island at the bottom of a new condo development (I think the condos are called The Potrero?). The Whole Foods website says they are opening stores in Noe Valley and the Haight (no dates, but square footage is listed). Does anyone know anything about these?

        1. re: farmersdaughter

          Haight - The old Cala at the top of Haight.
          Noe - Bell Market

    1. richinsf or farmersdaughter, have you been to the new location yet ? Any other 'hounds with first impressions ?

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      1. re: osho

        I was there on Sunday. I was rushing, so I can't provide a complete report, but it's a nice-looking store. They have a good-sized meat and fish counter. Right now there are some good deals on meat -- they were selling whole Rosie organic chicken for $1.99/lb.

        The produce department seems smaller than the other two SF stores, as does the prepared foods section.

        I found street parking easily, and they also have a lot. I'm sure I'll be back there often.

        1. re: stonefruit

          Stonefruit hit a lot of the key points. I should add that this new location does have a dry-aging locker for beef, though like other elements, theirs is smaller than the one found at the Fourth Street location.

          As mentioned, they have their own parking lot which seems ample enough. While it is one floor below the main store, the baggers will put your cart into the elevator for you, so it can await your arrival downstairs.

          1. re: stonefruit

            They have been touting it as the largest WF in San Francisco; the prepared foods section is much bigger than the SOMA store. I bet they're decreasing produce space to make room for more prepared foods. The cafe downstairs adds to the square footage, as does the absurd DJ booth. It's blocks from my apt, though, so I am loathe to complain too much.

        2. We stopped by to check it out, as we live in the neighborhood. Doubt I'll go much. The size claim is based on overall square footage, but much of that is the cafe, spa and other social space. Prepared food is probaby larger than other stores, but otherwise the cheese section is smaller, there was no sushi counter, and many of the prices were truly outrageous. Heirloom tomatoes were about $5/lb -- worse than the top Ferry Plaza farmers market prices and not as good. Frankly other than picking up some cheeses occasionally that I can't get elsewhere, I see little reason to shop there and will keep taking my business to Good Life, the farmers market, Mariquita and Golden Gate Meats for the most part.

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          1. re: Joan Kureczka

            It is true that this Whole Foods has a lot less grocery store floorspace than the SOMA location and the prices aren't exactly cheap. That said, it is still far larger and the prices far fairer than Good Life, and I haven't had any rude or gruff service in my three visits. Good Life, on the other hand, is hard to visit without getting at least three good glares from the staff. I don't think I'll be hiking up to Good Life very often any more.

            1. re: grishnackh

              That's so strange, the Good Life in Bernal Heights is pretty friendly. I get the odd grumpy teen but even they extend themselves to smile and chat most of the time.

              Will check out the new WF for items I can't find easily elsewhere, but Rainbow is just as easy to get to for most of that stuff.

              1. re: bernalgirl

                There are some standout employees (unfortunately, one of them quit recently and moved away) at the Bernal Good Life, but in general I cannot stand it. After sheepishly telling a deli person recently that one item (which I got a tiny bit of to take to the playground) tasted like old refrigerator, she exclaimed, "It all does!" That deli is a disgrace consisting of crap from the Sysco tub, and it takes up way too much real estate in that store. I only shop there for a handful of items because it's convenient, but I have zero allegiance to them.

                1. re: Atomica

                  Oh, yeah the deli case is disgusting. But I rarely buy prepared foods. I appreciate being able to get the bread and dairy I like and a lot of organics a walkable distance from home. I wish the fish and cheese were stocked to my taste, but I like them quite a bit for all the needs they're trying to straddle.

                  Last time I tried to buy juice and bread at the Safeway down the way, I walked out empty handed, nothing but high fructose corn syrup and hydrogenated oils as far as the eye could see.

          2. I went by today, and there were two or three friendly employees for every shopper, and even a manager giving a tour. Wasn't impressed with the hot foods by the pound, which just seemed like a buffet. The patisserie section was impressive--lots of fancy little tarts for a party.

            As with all Whole Foods, prices are high except store brands and specials (London broil for $3.99 a pound!).

            Didn't even realize there was an upstairs, so I guess that's where the cafe is. What are the spa services they keep touting?

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            1. re: Windy

              The cafe is on the ground level, entrance at the corner of 17th and De Haro.

              I didn't see the spa section. Perhaps it's in the middle of the overpriced home/body stuff?

              1. re: Windy

                I stopped in the opening day and ALL the employees were unbelievably nice to me; the cheese lady even cracked open an expensive burrata to give me a taste. (I did not buy it since I did not think a ball of it the size of an apple was worth $11.99 -- same thing that Lucca on Chestnut was charging. Too bad the produce section is smaller -- this store is easier for me to get to and park so this will probably be my choice of location. In the prepared food, the eggplant rolatini was good.