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Aug 15, 2007 08:07 PM

Dinner in Jackson Heights

I'm Going to Jackson Heights on Saturday. We will be 3 people and we would like to go to a nice place, and have a good dinner. Any suggestion?

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  1. Consider NOVO Restaurant for contemporary & classic Latin Cuisine and excellent cocktails. Very nice atmosphere, service and prices. They have the evening Specials posted outside on a chaulk board. 78-23 37th Ave.

    1. Check out La Portena
      I always had great meals and the prices are very reasonable.

      1. i know that Punto Fijo is a nice Peruvian Restaurant and that El gauchito is a nice argentinian one, but there have to be other nice places in the heart of Jackson Heights.
        Help, hounds, Good places over there: thai, french, easterneuropean, mexican... a little help out here. By the way, Hounds: which is the best indian in the area? Definitely not Jackson Diner...

        1. I've gotta give a big second to ammel_99's rec of La Portena. Great steaks, big portions, prices are right on and the service is good.

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            thanks for the of my friends is a not-too-idiosyncratic vegetarian, are there veggie or non beef options for her?

            1. re: jacques gaudet

              They have several non-meat pasta dishes. While I've never tried one, my in-laws have and said they were quite good.

          2. ah I just remembered: Burmese Cafe could be a nice option(71-34 Roosevelt Avenue)