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Aug 15, 2007 07:45 PM

Restaurants in Oakland (East of Lake Merritt)

I just moved to oakland and need to find places to eat in and around my new haunts. I am living just eat of lake merritt, so if anyone has any ideas, I would like to hear them. Thanks in and advance.

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      1. How far "just east"? Vientian might be a bit far.

        Right around the lake, I would check out the 2-3 block section stretch of Lakeshore just past MacArthur. There are a number of places there (and, a bit further, along Grand). Search here on 'Grand' or 'Lakeshore' and you'll find some recent mentions. Also, further south, around 18th Ave within a few blocks of the lake, there are a lot of places.

        In between the two areas is a Leaning Tower of Pizza that has half-price beer and wine on Mondays. It's my favourite pizza in the area (but many may differ with me, pizza being as subjective as barbecue).

        For Japanese, Wasabi around 1601 2nd Ave is good (I like the fact that you can get spicy tuna rolls in the bentos), but they are now just open for lunch.

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          In reference to Wasabi on 2nd, I drove by yesterday and saw a notice for ownership change... does anyone have more info?

        2. Mezze is an absolutely wonderufl restaurant, top notch, inventive food. It's on Lakeshore.
          Coach sushi in Grand is a charming sushi place, incredibly friendly and you get your own sake cup to decorate and they save it for your next visit!
          Di Bartolo makes excellent pizza and fun cocktails, but service can be extremely hit or miss. Hopefully they'll whip the service into shape, because the location and the menu are a lot of fun.
          Soizic is near Jack London area and is lovely. Nearby are Tamarindo (excellent mexican tapas, high end) and the new Levende East, vibrant (read fun but noisy) and swank, and Restaurant B, a bi more sedate but pleasant and good ingredients. The Fat Lady is an overlooked sweet spot, traditional sounding menu but generally good execution, adorable interior (very bordello) and always humming.

          1. what's your distance range around the Lake? if you're talking about less than 1 mile radius then I'd say you're a bit more limited. Wasabi is interesting, though not outstanding. More of a Korean influence and they actually have more Korean items than most Korean owned Japanese restaurants. DeClancy's Welcome Table over on Park Blvd is a good stop for southern comfort food. Excellent fried chicken, though be prepared for the sometimes very slow-cooked food, which while fresh is also time consuming. Whole Foods just opened in the area...looks pretty swanky if you're into pricey grocers. There's a series of vietnamese restaurants down International Blvd, a few chinese restaurants too, but none of those stand out too much.
            Merritt Bakery is more of a greasy spoon, but still, i love their pork chop and eggs breakfast and strawberry cake.