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Aug 15, 2007 07:43 PM

Restaurant Recommendations near SF Zoo

I'll be at the SF zoo with visiting family on Friday. We'd like to go out to eat afterwards. Someplace not too far from the zoo would be preferred. Keep in mind it will be rush hour, as the zoo closes at 5 or so. I am in Sonoma County and don't know SF very well.

It's unclear exactly who will be there, but at most we will be 7 adults and 4 children (4 months, 2, 3, and 9). If it were just me, I'd go for a vegan place (raw or cooked) but we've got meat-eaters in the group and want everyone to be happy. We're also dealing with 3 people who have food allergies (nuts, fish (not shellfish), eggs, gluten, dairy...none of the allergies are to smelling the foods...some cheating with gluten and dairy is okay but my daughter and I can't have any trace of egg and my BIL can't have any trace of tree nuts, peanuts, or most (not all) fin fish).

A place that has either meat and vegetarian options or seafood (we can all eat at least some seafood) would be nice. A good seafood restaurant is always a plus. Ethnic or not. Natural, organic, local ingredients, etc, all good. No big chains or food out of boxes. Inexpensive to moderate.


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  1. Good luck finding something out there. I was going to recommend Cajun Pacific which is open on the weekends, but with the allergies and all.

    You might want to pack a lunch. I wouldn't take the chance. I have a friend with severe allergies and half the time (especially in Ethnic places) his requests go unheeded. Make sure to bring an Epi-pen in case they use peanut oil in your stirfry.

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      I will be packing a lunch to avoid the zoo food, but this is for dinner...

      Cajun Pacific <> looks great and the location is perfect. I will probably be okay there (just have to be careful about life-threatening symptoms at least, but the allergic person is 2, so you don't want to mess around...I can't eat anything she's allergic to either). It's my BIL with the fin fish and nut/peanut allergies. I believe they are extremely uncomfortable but not life-threatening.

      I will compile a list of options (with comments) and send them to my family and they can decide. It is possible he won't be able to make it anyway.


    2. Just down the road is the Beach Chalet. Food is OK but the sunset view from the front window is awesome.

      1. I'd head down Taraval and check out some of the Asian restaurants there though I don't have a rec. Hopefully someone can chime in.

        A friend whose taste I usually trust emailed me that Riverside Seafood Restaurant on 1201 Vicente Street was really good. Can't find my notes though on what she recommended.

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          I would not do the Asian restaurants with the allergies you're dealing with. Peanut oil is almost a given, and the egg and fin fish can easily come into play in unexpected ways (especially worrisome are condiments and base sauce ingredients like fish sauce).

          Better than the Beach Chalet is the Park Chalet out back. Much more family-friendly in terms of the space, with a varied menu. Out on the patio is a nice place to be on a decent evening with the heaters on, and the kids can take to the grass if need be, and the food is a notch better, too. It's not outstanding, but it's not the rip-off that most view places can be.