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Aug 15, 2007 06:43 PM

Converting this recipe from apple to peach?

Hi all. I'm looking for a recipe to use up some peaches that i have. I like this one but I realize that the water content is higher in peaches than in apples. Anyone have any idea how to convert this? It looks wonderful but I have a peach tree that I just cant keep up with!

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  1. You could add some cornstarch to the fruit to help thicken it.

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      I agree with jcooks. However, I think it may get juicy and make the baked crust soggy before the juices have a chance to thicken with the cornstarch. I think I'd take some of the sugar from the filling mixture, with some lemon juice, and let the peaches sit in that for a bit, then cook the peaches, juice, sugar, and cornstarch just for a few minutes until the juices thicken. At this point, I'd add the thickened juice to the cream cheese, and remaining sugar, then add the egg, when it's cooled off a bit. This way, the peaches will still be juicy, but they shouldn't soak the crust as much as they would have otherwise.

      Report back on your solution, and the results, please?

      1. re: violabratsche

        thank you for the good input. I'm going to try it this weekend! I'll let you know!

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          Well, I made them. They were quite good but not fabulous. Quite a bit of steps...a lot of work in the end to not be fabulous. I pureed the peaches, added some sugar and cornstarch and then thickened on top of the stove. I spread the puree over the crust and then followed on from there. Delicious but not fabulous. May be fabulous as originally written with apples though.

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            If you sugar peaches after they are sliced, let them sit for a while, it draws out the juice. You could then drain it off and save it for your yogurt in the morning and use the peach slices in a recipe.