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Room with a sense of privacy on the Peninsula?

I'm organizing a small reunion next week and I'm looking for a good place on the Peninsula that will offer some sense of privacy -- secluded booths, some kind of partition, or even a generous amount of space around tables. Also, I'd love the food to be great, on the American or mediterranean or Italian side of things. (That is, not Japanese or Chinese.)

The only suggestion I have so far is the old-school Iron Gate in San Carlos, which has too... odd a vibe.

My home base is San Mateo, but it's been 20 years since I lived there, so I'm at a loss. Anywhere from Palo Alto up to Millbrae works.

many thanks! longtime reader, first time poster.


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  1. Kuleto's in Burlingame has two smaller rooms -- one good for about 10-20 people, the other 30-40. If you choose wisely you can get some good food.

    1. LEft Bank in Menlo Park has a private room. Kingfish or Cappelini in San Mateo may have some as well, though I'm not certain.

      1. You might look at the Parkside Grille in Portola Valley. Secluded spot, easy access from 280, decent food, very friendly servers, small private room, mediterranean-ish menu.

        1. You can reserve the back patio at Tied House brewery in Mountain View, and NOLA in Palo Alto has at least two pretty nice private rooms. Both should fit your American bill.

          1. There's a small private room at Marche in Menlo Park. Pricey, but arguably the best food on the Peninsula.

              1. You didn't mention the number in your "small" group, but since you are in San Mateo, I'm surprsed you haven't considered the Left Bank in the shopping center near 10l. I had a wonderful birthday party there and was assisted ably by the private party planner. We only had about 11 people, but we got the smaller of their two private rooms. They have another such room that is considerably larger for at leat 25 people I believe. Both rooms can be closed off. The food, wine and service were all delightful.

                Hope you have a great reunion wherever you end up, and report back!

                1. Oops -- I just re-read your post and see you are no longer in San Mateo. However, the parameters still work for my just-posted suggestion.

                  1. Have you been to Viognier above Draeger's Market? They have a private dining room enough to seat 45 people. I had a small meeting in their private dinning room and the service was great, food is well prepared. Made it a great private gathering/dining venue.

                    See the link for description:


                    Good luck with your search & reunion

                    1. Don't sell the Iron Gate short - it is a delightful trip back in time to what was then called the Continental Dinner House - you will find nothing like it anywhere anymore - and the food was good, you will be reminded of the flair of tableside flambee dining and culinary classics that never should have been forgotten. The service is formal, the setting a little tired but with the right spirit of fun and adventure and tender kindness to this lost world of "continental" dining, it might be just the place for you to have a very fun evening. Be sure to dress up for the occasion too to give it just the right touch.

                      1. I don't know if this has already passed, but there is a big private room at 231 Ellsworth (expensive, very good food). And a wine cellar that comfortably sits 6 (maybe 8) at Central Park Cafe (moderately expensive, pretty good food).