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Aug 15, 2007 06:20 PM

Room with a sense of privacy on the Peninsula?

I'm organizing a small reunion next week and I'm looking for a good place on the Peninsula that will offer some sense of privacy -- secluded booths, some kind of partition, or even a generous amount of space around tables. Also, I'd love the food to be great, on the American or mediterranean or Italian side of things. (That is, not Japanese or Chinese.)

The only suggestion I have so far is the old-school Iron Gate in San Carlos, which has too... odd a vibe.

My home base is San Mateo, but it's been 20 years since I lived there, so I'm at a loss. Anywhere from Palo Alto up to Millbrae works.

many thanks! longtime reader, first time poster.


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  1. Kuleto's in Burlingame has two smaller rooms -- one good for about 10-20 people, the other 30-40. If you choose wisely you can get some good food.

    1. LEft Bank in Menlo Park has a private room. Kingfish or Cappelini in San Mateo may have some as well, though I'm not certain.

      1. You might look at the Parkside Grille in Portola Valley. Secluded spot, easy access from 280, decent food, very friendly servers, small private room, mediterranean-ish menu.

        1. You can reserve the back patio at Tied House brewery in Mountain View, and NOLA in Palo Alto has at least two pretty nice private rooms. Both should fit your American bill.

          1. There's a small private room at Marche in Menlo Park. Pricey, but arguably the best food on the Peninsula.