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Aug 15, 2007 06:20 PM

Fresh seafood - Rehoboth/Dewey

Looking to grill some fresh tuna steaks after a long, strenuous day on the beach
Where's the best place for fresh seafood in the Rehoboth/Dewey area?

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  1. The Big Fish Grill has a retail store,and a couple doors north of that on the southbound side of route 1 is the Rehoboth Seafood Market.Maybe 2 stoplights north of that,still on the southbound side,in the strip mall where the Salvation Army store and Nage restaurant are,is a place called Afishionado.I do not cook fish myself but I drive by these places every day and I suspect one or all of them might provide you with some nice tuna.I would imagine the quality and availability varies daily,so within about a mile you have three well-regarded outlets to check out and compare the briny merchandise.

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      I like Afishionndo - had some of my best swordfish ever from here. They don't always have it in stock though. They will special order if you call ahead - so if you know you want tuna sugest you give 'em a call .

    2. If you enjoy a local place with great service- I would suggest Lazy Susans right down from the discount malls- crabs are their thing but they serve great seafood soups too.