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Aug 15, 2007 06:13 PM

Best Mexican in Ballard/Fremont?

Looking for great mexican in Ballard/Fremont for a party of 14.... Any suggestions.

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  1. Ooof. For a party that big? Senor Moose should hold you.

    La Carta is out unless you show up before they open and take over the communal table if you're first in line (or convince the parties in front of you to let you).

    El Camino in Fremont might be able to handle a party that big, but they take reservations so..

    If you're willing to travel away, up in.. well.. err.. up near the Roosevelt Whole Foods has great food but is always empty every time I go by, so I want to make sure they're not about to close.

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    1. re: jaydeflix

      Strong second for Senor Moose, but do give them plenty of warning.

    2. La Carta de Oaxaca will take a reservation for a party of that size I believe.

      When is the event? I ask because a new tex-mex restaurant, Austin Cantina, is opening in Ballard in the dandelion space on 24th.

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      1. re: klsalas

        Wow, I never knew that about Carta. Excellent!

        As for Austin... knowing the size of Dandelion, I have trouble imagining a group of 14 will fit even in the new space... unless they moved the bathrooms outside. =) (ok, let me edit this... I can see it fitting... I can't see more than a couple other people fitting as well =) )

        1. re: jaydeflix

          Beware! I heard the same thing about being able to book the large table at Carta de Oaxaca, and they did indeed take a reservation for it.

          Unfortunately, they didn't actually honor said reservation, and my party of 10 ended up waiting 90 minutes to be seated (not surprisingly, we ended up being the last table to be seated at the end of the night.)

          Basically, you can ask, and they might tell you it's booked for you, but rely on it at your peril.

          (Still love that place, though)

        2. re: klsalas

          It's on the 21st. Maybe next time. tex-mex.... Goooood...

        3. At of the Table is perfectly sized for this group, and Chef Dustin may be able to create something Mexican, but you'd have to ask him. If he says he can, I'd be inclined to believe it, but do be sure to be serious about your question, or who knows what delights he'll propose.
          Again, for no-question, no-joke creative Mexican it's Senor Moose, for sure.

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          1. re: mrnelso

            I'd give my nod to Senor Moose. Simply wonderful and without the pressure of having smooshed faces against the window waiting for you to finish like Oaxaca. They've applied for a full liquor license so Magaritas can't be far behind. Beware on hot days as the kitchen is open to the dining room and the space lacks air conditioning.

          2. FD, you might try Esperanza, which is right at the top of the stairs in Golden Gardens Park - it's on 32nd; I think the cross-street is 82? I haven't eaten there but have heard from trusty sources that it's really good.

            1. Senor Moose definitely has excellent food but a previous poster was right...avoid it on a hot night. Oddly, I was there recently on a Wednesday night at 6pm and they were out of Machaca and pork!!!

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              1. re: KHT

                I don't know that I'd find that completely odd (well, odder than any restaurant running out of any foodstuff). Don't most restaurants get their deliveries on Monday (to replenish after the weekend) and Thursday (to fill the larders for the weekend)? Or is that just my memory playing with me....