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Aug 15, 2007 06:07 PM

7th to Prospect to Prospect Ave West Pizza+?

Where can I go for Pizza and Pasta in this area. Not interested in any places that serve chicken tenders or burritos as well. Anything good?

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  1. I would really love to know as well because I hoof it all the way over to Bene's across from the park around Reeve or whatever (right by lonelyville coffee). Its the only decent pizza I have eaten in the area so if you find yourself in the mood for a walk you should try it sometime. Looking forward to other rec's

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      Bene's started off okay and now they're just plain lousy. We sometimes get a pie from Laura's on Prospect Avenue and Reeve Place. It's more of an upscale pizza and pretty good.

      1. re: Claire

        totally agree--we live right down the block from Bene's but rarely order pizza from there as its really gone downhill. Vincent's was better, and that's not saying much. Sometimes we stop in to get a slice but only because its right here. When we order in or really want to "go out for pizza" we get from Anthony's.

        We refuse to order from Laura's because of some real attitude problems we got when we ate in there early in our move to this neighborhood (and there have been similar stories from others). I would not give her any business.

        Speaking of pizza, what's the deal with the new pizza place that was opening on PPW where Amin used to be (off 16th st)? There was fast and furious work early in the summer (working on weekends and nights) but haven't seen anything being done there recently.

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          I know what you mean about the attitude at Laura's. They're really strange there, which is why the place is usually empty. The pizza though isn't bad and if we take it out we don't have to deal with their oddness. Anthony's is great for pie but I'm not sure they're within the posters territory requirements. Who knows what's happening with the place on PPW. I think that gross green they painted the outside doesn't bode well for the future.

    2. I do not completely understand which area you mean but there is great pizza and pasta (no chicken tenders or burritos) to be had at Anthony's on 7th Ave between 14th & 15th. I hope this helps.

      1. Anthony's is far and above the best pizza on this stretch of 7th...the rest are your basic average, run-of-the-mill pizza place.

        I wish something like a Lucali's would open up in the Slope.

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        1. re: pastoralia

          I agree with the Anthony's recommendation. I really like their meatballs.

          Regarding the space on PPW, I noticed last night that a sign has gone up but it hasn't opened yet. Looking forward to having another option in the neighborhood.