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Aug 15, 2007 05:33 PM

RW: Henrietta's Table rocked!

My dinner companion and I had a really great dinner here on Tuesday night. I have found that many restaurants offer a very limited selection to their RW diners. Henrietta's Table was different. We had an extensive list of starters, entrees, side dishes. The portobello/brie starter was wonderful; my duck entree was delicious and plentiful. My companion ordered the salmon and enjoyed it a lot. The strawberry shortcake was light and refreshing. A question: is it more common for restaurants to offer limited RW menus? I had a RW lunch today at Bouchee on Newbury Street. Limited choices. An OK meal, but did not compare to Henrietta's Table.

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  1. Never had a bad meal there, RW or not. Last year they offered their complete regular menu for RW and it ran for the entire month. "They rock" is right!

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      Two summers ago I thought Hen. Table rocked, had a great meal outside on a hot summer nite. Then went last fall and it was just okay all around. Kind of put me off rushing back there, will give it another shot.

    2. Wow, I had the exact opposite experience there last week. It wasn't RW but we had a reservation for 8 people on Saturday night. Although the place was virtually empty, the service was terrible and we felt abandoned - no water refills, forgotten orders, missing silverware, dirty plates not cleared. Our server didn't know who ordered what so was fumbling around with all the dishes asking who ordered what (a pet peeve of mine). She also gave us a bottle of wine that from 2004 instead of the 2000 that we ordered. When we brought this to her attention (we didn't notice until after she had done the pouring), she just kind of shrugged and said she didn't know what to do (or something to that effect). We later brought this up with the manager and she took the wine off the bill, which we appreciated. The food was really mediocre with no real stand out dishes although our friends who ordered the lamb shank seemed happy. And, to top it all off, the server brought over dessert menus before even clearing away our dinner plates! Based on that experience, I definitely won't be rushing back to Henrietta's Table.

      1. My daughter just returned from her first ever RW experience. She and a friend went to henrietta's table with a 2:30 lunch reservation. They were given a choice of any menu item; one app, one entree and one dessert.

        She chose the Heirloom Tomato Salad which was served with a balsamic reduction and sea salt. Her friend chose a corn chowder in a bread bowl. They both thought she "won." For the entree, she once again choose a daily special: a kingfish fillet with oven cooked veggies and roasted potatoes, while the friend choose the salmon burger. Again, my daughter 'won' the round. For dessert, he chose the chocolate bread pudding which he absolutely loved, while she opted for a peach compote in phyllo with lemon ice cream. They both thought that the food was excellent. They loved sitting in the courtyard and feeling the breezes on such a hot day.

        The service was excellent until the original waitress left at the end of her shift. The pacing of the first two courses was leisurely without being slow. But the waiter that took over their table, pushed them through dessert, and brought the check before they had finished eating. Undoubtedly had to do with the timing of their reservation.

        Overall, she is thrilled with her first RW experience. A budding chowhound at the age of 21. I couldn't be more proud.

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          Smtucker: Sweet! I love that she had such a nice first RW experience. Mud: Your service sounded awful! So sorry to hear it. I forgot to give a shout-out to Sarah H, our enthusiastic, competent and personable server at my RW lunch.