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Aug 15, 2007 04:18 PM

Custom Cake builder in Vancouver?

I am looking for someone who can create a custom cake for a grand opening event. My idea is to have the 'logo', made of cake, standing on top of a layer of cake...can anyone help?

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    1. Not in Vancouver, but Elford Farm Buss Stop, in Shawnigan Lake on Vancouver Is. makes incredible cakes. The owner used to be based in Whistler and has several books showing his cake art.

      250 743-9226

      NAYY, but a happy customer.

      1. Hi there I make specialty cakes, cupcakes and cookies. Please e-mail me if you are still interested and I can send you some photos of my work. where is the event going to be held?

        1. on Cambie St. definitely makes custom event cakes

          Stepping Stones Bakery (5679 Main St.) does custom cakes

          One of my favorite patisseries in the city: they do fabulous wedding cakes

          and Cupcakes ( does custom cakes. It says they do wedding cakes on their site, but I heard that they do events as well.

          1. Hopefully they found someone for their event.They did ask in 2007.....