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Aug 15, 2007 03:44 PM

Restaurants w/ omega 3 fishes (e.g. wild not farmed salmon)

Hi, I'm needing to adjust my diet to include more of these, and . . . I eat out a lot. Does anyone know good places that actually serve these?

From what I understand this means not white fishes like haddock, halibut, sea bass or monkfish, but the "oily" fishes like salmon (again, not farmed), trout, and tuna (not canned, fresh only). Tuna is easier to find (esp in sushi restaurants, I guess but my husband and I share and he needs it cooked and not cold), but I would like some variety, like the trout and salmon would be great.

Thanks anyone who can help.

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  1. King's Fish House in Calabasas has wild salmon (from various places, depending on season) for -- I think -- about 6 months of each year. (They always have salmon on the menu, but not always WILD salmon -- ditto for trout, which I think is always farm-raised). But with respect to tuna, I'm pretty sure that when they have it, it's always wild; does anybody raise tuna? I don't think so, they are awfully big, bad-tempered fish.

    My advice is: call them and ask. 818-225-1979

    1. Don't forget mackerel.

      I know it's not the first fish that people think of when they eat out, but a well prepared broiled mackerel with grated daikon radish, green onions and soy sauce can be incredible.

      The first place that would come to mind would have been Hamakawa on Central near 2nd street in Little Tokyo, but they closed and are now yet another sushi joint.

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        Sardines, too! You can get them at Chameau. Really this is just a matter of choosing restaurants that are good at cooking fish and selective about what they buy -- the usual suspects such as Grace, Lucques, Campanile or Josie that place a lot of emphasis on how they source their ingredients. They often have a great trout dish at Canele in Atwater.

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          Nothing really to add other than: Sardines ruuuuuuuuuuullllle.

      2. You might check with Kate Mantilini and / or The Daily Grill. Both normally have a good selection of oily fish. Not certain if both of them always have wild salmon, but they normally do at The Daily Grill.

        1. Smitty's in Pasadena has wild salmon, at least that's what the menu said and waiter confirmed when I had it about a month ago- perfectly done...they know how to handle fish there. Also trout is usually available- not sure if it's wild or farm raised tho.

          Also McCormick and Schmick's tho' you will need to ask, since altho' they tout "Fresh", and always have salmon, the menu doesn't always distinguish whether that means it's fresh off the boat or fresh off the farm. The price would give you some clue.

          Steelhead is another good choice, ...tho' not seen on menu's very often, if at all,... but if you happen upon it, get it - sometimes at Fish King and other fish markets.

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