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Aug 15, 2007 03:36 PM

What foods do you HAVE to mail order?

I'm not talking about once in a while trying something on whim -- I'm talking about, what foods that you love are absolutely unattainable in your vicinity so you regularly order them by mail (or even once a year for a holiday treat)? For instance, despite living in L.A. which has enormous choice in food, I find myself ordering popcorn from Fireworks Popcorn because I just can't find a reliable place to buy unpopped popcorn. What about you?

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  1. Black and White cookies from NY or this cookie company that makes them, and items from the Chukar Cherry Company in Seattle..mostly for gifts....Other than that, I can almost get everything from either Whole Foods or Central Mkt...

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    1. re: jinet12

      I think that southern Virginia , i.e. Virginia Beach/Norfolk are finally getting a Whole Foods, but still must drive 3.5 hours to Georgetown (DC) for the nearest Dean & Deluca, so in the meantime, I must order the following:

      * DIDIER GOUBET JAMS - particularly the Apricot or the Chestnut.

      * DEAN & DELUCA COFFEE - Georgetown Blend - monthly coffee order.

    2. I just checked out the Fireworks Popcorn website. I've never seen those different varieties. Is there a specific type that's recommended? Right now, the best popcorn I've found around me (philly) is the bulk stuff at whole foods.

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      1. re: justin_mjn

        Yes, I ordered the sampler pack and didn't really care for any except the Savanna Gold, which was excellent, so I've reordered 4 lbs. of it. It's not that expensive, but the shipping is kind of pricey.

        1. re: Chowpatty

          I actually had the same problem finding good popping corn in Boston, and ended up ordering from If you put together a big box (I selected 12 different kinds, in one pound bags), the shipping is a flat $4.10, which is a good deal. The corm was great, I liked most of them, and my kids and guests thought the choices were really fun.

          1. re: Chowpatty

            My Savanna Gold popcorn arrived and it is as excellent as I remembered -- super tender and slightly buttery tasting. And the 4 lb. bottle should last a pretty long time, assuming I slow down my current nonstop popcorn consumption a bit.

        2. I can't get dashi anywhere near here. I looked at the Asian groceries in Storm Lake. Nope. They had no idea what I was talking about.

          Looked in Sioux City. Nope. Omaha and Des Moines: nope. Finally ordered it. But now I can't figure out where I put it.

          I also can't get those Manischewitz dry soup mixes that come in the cellophane tubes. I can get a few flavors at the Dahl's store in this really cool ethnic area in Des Moines, but not the "vegetable soup with mushrooms" flavor that was one of my favorite cheap dinners in college.

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          1. re: revsharkie

            I live in brooklyn and can get those Maniscewitz soups in the tubes if you want them. My mom made those while I was growing up and I remember they were pretty good.

          2. There is nothing that I personally order, but my friend from Dublin who now lives in FL orders black and white pudding every month from

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            1. re: ArikaDawn

              this may sound funny but i love dunkin donuts coffee.

              as i live in los angeles, we dont have the dd, so i order it online.

              however, target has just started selling it!

              another big thing i order is giordanos frozen pizza from the best deep dish pizza place in chicago, ill!

              1. re: flyerfan182

                Mexican food, from Internet sources like Mexgrocer. Toronto is a great city, with a very varied selection of foods, but the Mexican food selection in local supermarkets is simply awful (unless you are crazy bout Thick and Chunky salsa).

                1. re: ekammin

                  Mailing Mexican food reminds me of when I was growing up in Ohio and my aunt in Arizona used to send us boxes of taco shells, and probably some kind of flavoring/spice packets my mom would use to make 'Mexican' dinners. It was pretty special. She also sent oranges from the tree in their back yard.

                2. re: flyerfan182

                  wow I love DD also! I cant believe target has it now! thats great!!

                  1. re: jroxybabe19

                    I also saw it in this weeks Vons flyer

                    1. re: LisaN

                      Our Costco also sells DD coffee.

                  2. re: flyerfan182

                    Doesn't sound funny at all; in fact, when I'm running low on my Dean & Deluca stash, the next best thing is Dunkin Dount's coffee - believe it or not, DD is making a splashy comeback here on the east coast. Virginia is seeing many "DD cafes" popping up - thank God, as I'm not a Starbucks fan at all! I'm hoping for the trend to grow as I have Dunkin Donuts stock .... Hallelujah!

                3. Speckled Heart Grits from Calloway Gardens. I believe Candy will agree.

                  Which reminds me that I am out of them and need some!

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                  1. re: jillp

                    What are Speckled Heart Grits? How do you cook/serve them?

                    1. re: fauchon

                      S. H. grits have the germ of the corn kernel in them and are a coarser texture with far more flavor than quick grits or instant grits. You can combine them with all sorts of things to make a wonderful side dish; once I inadvertently used them in my cornbread and was delighted by my error.

                      They will take a bit longer to cook, of course, but it's well worth it.

                      1. re: jillp

                        Oh I have to include you and Agnes in my next order from Anson Mills. You will be a convert. Next time you are over remind me to get some out. They even smell better uncooked than any other grits I have had. They are very fresh and ground to order. Not going back to Callaway Gdns. or I might for every day grits. You won't want jackp to know the price of the Anson Mills.