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Aug 15, 2007 03:30 PM

Carroll Gardens Greenmarket - Recent Reviews?

I see that the last post about the new Carroll Gardens greenmarket is from early July. Any recent visitors want to chime in on their experiences?

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  1. yeah, i went sunday. wasn't doing a big shop, but glanced at all the stalls. I think there are about 6 of them.

    the market is small, but the variety is decent. there's bread alone (always nice to have) two stalls that sell eggs, including tello's, a couple that sell fruit, or fruit/veggies, and one veggie stand that sells a lot of unusual/exotic stuff. Prices seems slightly higher than GAP or the heights, but prices have gone up this year across the board and i haven't been to those markets this summer, so maybe the prices are the same.

    What i got:

    peaches at $2 a pound--very good
    cantalope--haven't cut into it yet, but it looks great
    heirloom tomatoes--brandywine, my favorite kind. These were $2 a pound, which is acutally better than i've seen them other places.
    bi-color corn--i prefer white corn, but it was fresh and good
    ginger-gold apples--crisp but not much flavor--too early in the season but the kids wanted them.

    I think that was it for this week, but they had plenty of other stuff. I'm very happy the market is here. If you're in carroll park a lot on sundays anyway (the curse of kids!) then having the market there can't be beat. Also, a couple of the stalls have way more exotic stuff than I ever see at GAP or the heights.

    I guess if you live in the neighborhood it's great. Not sure it's worth traveling for.

    1. As MissMasala said, for a local it's great. In addition to the items she mentions, there's always a good selection of head lettuce -- boston, romaine, butter. And one stall that will be growing swiss chard all summer long.