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Aug 15, 2007 03:09 PM

drinking vinegars?

When we were in Portland, OR a couple of weeks ago, we tried some fruit flavored drinking vinegars at a terrific Thai restaurant called Pok Pok. we have been totally unable to find them at any oriental or international grocery stores or any listings for them online except foor one site in Hong Kong that doesn't ship. Anyone have any ideas where to find them?

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  1. Hello, chazzerking!

    I am in Southern California, and I see that you are not. However, perhaps you have access to a Korean market.

    Over the past few months, I have been enjoying a black raspberry vinegar that I purchased at a Korean market in Los Angeles Koreatown. I was instructed to add a few ounces to a glass or bottle of water for proper consumption: ratio of 1 raspberry vinegar to 4 water. It is delicious!

    Most of the bottle's label is in Korean, but it is a 900ml bottle and it is a product of Korea. The distributor is Jin Han International, Inc., DBA Pacific Foods Company (5608 Sheila Street in Commerce, CA 90040). Since there are drawings of other fruits on the bottle -- followed by very specific drinking instructions with pictures -- I assume that this same company makes many fruit vinegars.

    Perhaps this information will be helpful. When this bottle is gone, I will purchase is that good!

    1. i second the korean market rec - i actually saw some juices that were the prepared vinegar drink in the juice section. if you don't have a korean market nearby then you can try - the site pops up in korean first, so be sure to hit the english tab and then go to the condiments tab on the left where you can find vinegars. the brand chung jung won has a couple of drinking vinegars that you could try. hope it helps!

      1. can you tell more about what a drinking vinegar is?
        I have thrown a dash of red wine vinegar into a pitcher or water or had ACV with honey as a drink but have never heard of the intriguing 'drinking vinegar'

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          drinking vineegars are fruit flavored vinegars fromasia. They are meant to be drunk mixed with water, seltzer or soda. most are mixed about 1part to 4 parts water ofr seltzer. they are very refreshing and are claimed to be very good for you.

          1. re: chazzerking

            Your explanation is good, and consistent with my understanding of what these drinks are.

            As you point out, chasserking, they are "very refreshing;" they are also a bit acidic, so I have been advised to rinse my teeth with water after enjoying.

            1. re: liu

              Man, I love this place. What would you recommend for someone who now wants to go out and try this.

            2. re: chazzerking

              I found some Pinapple vinegar at Fubon to try. 1:4 ratio was way to strong for me but 1:10 was nice. I chose the pineapple because the ingredients were "Taiwan Pineapple" and nothing else. The only apple on the shelf listed "water, vinegar, artificial apple flavor." The artificial apple scared me off but maybe it would have been more dilute to begin with.

              I then added 3 parts gin and found it to be drinkable but I'm not adding it to my normal repertoire.

              1. re: BigLizard

                Yeah, i didn't like the pineapple vinegar either. I tried it all sorts of ways, and in the end just added it to salad dressings and a marinade.

                I want to try the honey flavored next.

            3. re: orangewasabi

              Field report from China, drinking vinegars are really common here and if you go to a business lunch at a higher end restaurant will often be served as a beverage. I have never seen them diluted though; they come in bottles or cartons to drink straight. I once purchased apple vinegar, thinking I could make a salad dressing, and was really confused at how weak it was...

            4. Check Fubon on 82nd! I have found all sorts of flavors there!
              A great cocktail is 1 part gin, 1 part apple vinegar, 2 parts tonic and a slice of lemon.
              So refreshing!

              1. In Vienna there is a vinegar distillery, Gegenbauer, that makes a huge variety of vinegars, including drinking vinegars. You can order online, though the prices are in Euros. Here's the link to the "products" page of their website (in English):