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Aug 15, 2007 02:50 PM

Korean Restaurants in Minneapolis/St. Paul

I have a Korean aunt who is moving to Minneapolis and is looking for good Korean food. Please help.

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  1. Not a restaurant, but a Korean Market: I really love Kim's Oriental Foods on Snelling just a few blocks North of University Avenue in St. Paul.


    Kim's Oriental Market
    689 Snelling Ave N, St Paul, MN 55104

    1. Our favorite is Kings, up in Fridley. They seem to have the boldest and clearest flavors plus it's nice to have the sushi bar in case some people you're with want raw fish. We've had mixed experiences with the service there - they can never seem to get a gin martini right. Other times they've been so "friendly" that they've mixed up and added sauce to our dishes for us pretty aggressively because they thought we didn't know how to eat it.

      I've also tried both of the Korean places on East Bank (I think one is Korea Restaurant and the other is Yummy?). I had heard from a Korean classmate that Korea Restaurant is the most authentic. While the meal I had there was good, it wasn't as exciting as what I've had at King's.

      We also like Mirror of Korea on Snelling for more of a dive restaurant experience. I haven't been to what used to be Shilla but I believe I heard they have tableside BBQ now.

      There's also another Korean restaurant up Central in the back area of a Market. Dara reviewed it a few years ago but we haven't made it there yet because they have limited hours. Dong's?

      (I should really Google before speaking, huh? :) I'm guessing at these names but hopefully somebody will correct me!)

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        the one Kate is refering to as being reviewed by Dara, is Dong Yang in Columbia Heights. It's essentially a small cafe in the back of the Korean grocery store. I guess the perfect way to do grocery shopping and have lunch. I've heard great things about it, unfortunately, never got a chance to eat there before I moved.

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          the lady at king's started to mix my bulgogi too! oh that's funny! great food but they appear to have *quite* the kareoke set up so if you dine late it may be loud. . . a plus or minus depending on your preference. the screwed-up martini does not surprise me-- look at the bar the next time you're there--the displayed bottles are arranged with no rhyme or reason, not by alcohol type or anything, almost as if someone was like: oh this is a pretty green color, let's put it next to the pretty red one. . . it's a safe bet the bartender at king's is making it up as s/he goes. . . but again, the food is very good!

          hmm. curious about this dong's place. Kate, what do you order at mirror of korea and korea restaurant?

          1. re: soupkitten

            I just went to Korea Restaurant for the first time a few weeks ago. I got the bi bim bap there. It was good but as I mentioned the flavors and textures weren't as bright or distinct as at Kings. At Kings you can taste each of the individual elements even after mixing it all up.

            I totally agree about the karaoke set up at Kings. One time we were the only people in the restaurant so the staff went up and sang. It was pretty loud and annoying. I think that they should only start the karaoke if the patrons want to do it!

            I was last at Mirror of Korea about a year ago but we've gotten the dumplings, scallion pancake, and I believe I always get their kim chi and tofu stew. So delicious on a cold day.