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Aug 15, 2007 02:48 PM


Does anyone know where i can get good ciabatta bread in bulk for a restaurant? I've been looking all thru LA with no luck.

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  1. Costco carries ciabatta from Il Fornaio.

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    1. re: Bob Brooks

      I thought their ciabatta was La Brea Bakery (which they bake in house).

    2. The Costcos near me do Not carry Il Fornaio, darn it. Their ciabatta, when available, is the La Brea pre-bake. YMMV.
      As suggested by their website, you might want to call your local Il Fornaio branch:
      Good luck, and keep us posted!

        1. I assume that buying in bulk for a restaurant means you are entitled to buy wholesale.

          La Brea Bakery supplies a lot of restaurants in the city, including Lucques and, of course, Campanile and Mozza. You should be able to contact them and buy wholesale. I used to drive past the corporate bakery on Washington everyday, in fact. The numbers can be found here:

          Breadbar bakes the famous rolls for Hatfield's, and they make a wide variety of artisanal breads. You can find the wholesale number for them at the bottom left-hand side of the homepage:

          Il Fornaio also sells its baked goods wholesale:

          These are just the most famous, brand-name bakeries. Doing a little legwork and searching on "bakery," "wholesale," and perhaps even throwing the word "Italian" in there, calling up and asking if they offer ciabatta, will likely turn up a lower price than those three well-known premium brands if you're starting up a restaurant. Of course, on the other, their quality is fairly established. So there you have it.

          1. If some of the brand names that others have suggested (e.g., La Brea, Bread Bar, etc.) are too pricey, try Sysco.


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              Yeah, that's the kind of place from which most restaurant owners would be getting their bread. They provide to a whole lot of institutional vendors and restaurants.