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Aug 15, 2007 02:02 PM

My office is moving to the Back Bay - where will I have lunch now?

What are the good lunch spots in Back Bay? My office is moving to a new space near Arlington Street and Boylston. We're in Davis Square now and I usually take-out and eat at my desk. Sandwiches, soup, and sushi are the norm for me. What are my options? I usually spend between $5 and $10 on lunch. Is the Parrish Cafe any good? Thanks in advance for any advice!

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  1. Davio's to Go has daily soup and pasta-of-the-day specials. Legal Seafood has take-out chowders. If you are up for a brisk walk, you are in a nice spot to explore Chinatown. I used to collect menus and call ahead to save time. There is an earlier thread titled "Take away salads near Copley" that has some great ideas. Enjoy the Public Garden!

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      I second the Parrish rec, and I also like that Finale (Park Plaza) will turn any of their sandwiches into a salad. Would welcome other thoughts!

    2. Not only is the Back Bay not great in general, but you're in a pretty bleak part of it. Most of the great lunch options (Bostone, Deluca, Wisteria, Kashmir) are on the other side of the nabe.

      You'll be pretty limited to dreck like Fire and Ice, Souper Salad, and the crap that's in Park Plaza.

      1. Saigon Sandwich isn't too far and it's cheap. Emerson Cafe on Boylston and (almost) Tremont makes OK sandwiches.
        The burrito stand in the transportation building is OK too.
        Sorry, no outstanding rec's in that area from me.
        Hope you have more than a half hour for lunch!
        Good luck.

        1. I like the Parrish Cafe for lunch - The Susan Regis sandwich is one of my favorites there, but I think it might run you a little over $10 for lunch....

          1. Rachel's Kitchen in Bay Village is nearby and good for lunch.


            Rachel's Kitchen
            12 Church St, Boston, MA 02116