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Best Ice Cream in Manhattan

I'm looking for, well, the title says it all...

Midtown/Times Square preferred, but will travel for goodness.


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  1. For convenience and taste, I really love the Asian ice cream shop on E. 11th Street. It's called something like Cups & Cones and is absolutely divine.

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      Sundaes and Cones on 10th?

      Sundaes and Cones
      95 E 10th St, New York, NY 10003

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        Ah yes! If it's as muggy as they say today, I may have to stop in for a taro and sesame cup!

    2. Now I haven't tasted all over the city, but Australian Ice Cream on St Mark's really impressed me. Very smooth, incredibly creamy, tho it does seem to melt fast. I love the kiwi flavor, and am very interested to try the vanilla custard.

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        Ohhhhhhhhh yes! Good call, Erin!!!

      2. Are you looking for ice cream specifically, as opposed to gelato?

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            Then I would go to Il Labortorio di Gelato, even though it's on the LES, and as another poster suggested below, Cones on Bleecker.

            Il Laboratorio del Gelato
            95 Orchard St, New York, NY 10002

            272 Bleecker St, New York, NY 10014

        1. La Maison du Chocolat (in Rockefeller Center) is selling ice cream for the summer, which I find their flavors quite intense and delicious.

          Sundaes & Cones in the East Village is quite good too.

          If you're in the mood for custard, try Shake Shack's in Madison Sq. Park.

          For gelato, I would try Cones in the W. Village, L'Arte del Gelato in Chelsea Market, and especially at Otto in W. Village (I highly recommend the olive oil coppetta).


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            Cones on Bleecker. I was amazed. And though a chocolate person - my 2 favs - Banana and Hazelnut. They were outstanding.

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              Cones does have some excellent flavors. I go there when I'm in the mood for something fruity... the black raspberry was very intense!

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              Cones is a CH favorite, but I have been unimpressed at every visit. Their corn gelato has great texture, but is far too sweet. On my most recent visit a couple weeks ago, the gelato had too many icy bits mixed in, and was again too sweet.

              Grom, much hyped by foodie enthusiasts, is pricey, and just ok. Staff are unbelievably slow, and the layout is not conducive to making an informed choice--signs tough to see, and gelato hidden away in metal cannisters.

              Il Laboratorio di Gelato, which MMRuth recommended above, is flavor perfection. Alas, their hours are incredibly (frustratingly) limited.

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                We recently tried cones. Their stuff is extremely ordinary.

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                  Cones was certainly decent,though not earth-shattering, but I thought two single scoop sugar cones costing $12.50 was a bit of a gouge. I'd way rather Mary's Dairy or Ben & Jerry's from a price standpoint.

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                I think you just listed my favorites in the city, Tina/chocokitty:

                La Maison if you love (and you really have to love) chocolate (it is very intense)
                Sundaes and Cones for Asian flavors
                Shake Shack for custard (vanilla with toffee is my favorite, or one of the seasonal fall flavors like maple or apple brown betty)
                Otto for olive oil gelato (with sea salt and watermelon!)

                Additionally, don't forget that Il Lab has a counter in Whole Foods Bowery! They're open until 10pm.

              3. Il Labortorio de Gelato is really good, Mary's Dairy too.

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                1. It's not "ice cream," but the gelato at Otto is to die for

                  1. Chinatown Icecream Factory in addition to the ones named on Bayard. I also really like the Bannana ice cream at Emack and Bolio.

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                      I second Emack and Bolio. Love their almond joy ice cream!

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                        I also like Emack and Bolio the best for just straight up old fashioned, buttery New England style ice cream in great flavors. None of the rest of the above have impressed me that much (Australian is too melty-slimy, Chinatown doesn't always taste that fresh, Cones is good but somewhat erratic tasting, Il Laboratorio is pretty good gelato). Ciao Bella Gelato (various locations around city) is also very good although a little overrated and overpriced. Ronnybrook (Chelsea Market) is pleasing, the milk base is very fresh-tasting and clean although the actual flavors are not as strong.

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                          Yeah, their chocolate tastes as if someone barely SPOKE the word chocolate over it as they made it, without actually putting any IN IT! I ended up loading it up with U-Bet's!

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                            Whose chocolate ice cream/gelato are you referring to?

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                              I'll bet you're talking about Ronnybrook's chocolate flavor..., sing me a bar. I feel that way about their hot chocolate (heated chocolate milk) that Roonybrook offers at the farmer's market. Still, I will only use their clean, sweet heavy creme for my whipping creme.

                              I just had a chance to try the Australian Ice Creme on St., Marks near Ave A. The Mocha is quite good. , as was the Belgian chocolate. The peach was non-flavored (did someone forget?), the Strawberry Cheesecake flavor I had only gotten a sample spoonful, and it was the cheese part that I got, so it was somewhat dry and cheesecakish savory - which is promising. The vanilla custard was almost too sweet, but very creamy.

                              With Grom I have to get a second try. I only remember their lemon being too tart, but having a very distinct Mediterranean citrus scent. The other half of the scoop i had was good, but I forget which flavor it was I tried. I know people are not that impressed considering the price. I think though, this is a case of quality vs quantity.

                      2. In midtown try the gelato cart in front of Osteria del Circo (55th between 6th & 7th) while they're still out for the summer. I think it's the best, most authentic Italian gelato I've had in N.Y. I think it's better than Grom, and much cheaper ($3 instead of $5 for a small cup). Il Laboratorio doesn't seem like gelato to me--too dense. Same for Mario Batali's. Cones on Bleecker is OK, but I find it overrated.

                        I think I'll have to try Sundaes & Cones.

                        For now Chinatown Ice Cream Factory is my favorite for non-gelato.


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                        1. re: Peter Cherches

                          the black sesame at Chinatown Ice Cream Factory is to die for

                        2. Always a big fan of Ciao Bella -- there's a spot in the basement of Grand Central. And, if you can make it to China Town -- there's a great spot called, I think, Chinatown Icecream Factory or somesuch.

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                            I live on the same block as the E. 92nd St. Ciao Bella and, while I frequent it more than I should, I more often than not have ice particles in my gelato, which I do not enjoy.