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Aug 15, 2007 01:40 PM

Do you remember these childhood favorite cookies?

They were called "Stage Planks" I believe. They were two flat hard cookes with this thin layer of pink icing. Does anyone know if they make them anymore? I already missed the board on the Nabisco chocolate snaps but when thinking back of my childhood food memories that I wish I could share with my daughter I added these cookies to the list.

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  1. Actually they were gingerbread cookies

    1. There is a website that the Stage Plank Cookies can be ordered from with free shipping, the only problem is they are sold in bulk so you cannot purchase less than 72 packages w/ 2 cookies in each package for about $27. They also sell 144 packages for $44. Just copy and paste the address below.

      1. or does anyone remember toybox cookies, again, they where very hard, but thicker, in different shapes, if i recall, square, round, and triangle, with a coating of pastel coloured icing, and a pic of a toy, ie rocking horse, teddy bear in the centre of each cookie made from a drizzle of white icing. Please tell me i am not hullicinating and these really did exist in my childhood, if not, i will seriously begin to question my other memories, and that can really open up a whole new can of worms.

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          I just looked and saw you answer mostly on the Ontario Board. I grew up in Detroit. You are not hallucinating, but I don't know the name of the cookies.

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            Playbox, I think, and I am SO glad you mentioned this...I thought I was the only one who knew about these! my grandmother who lived in TO would send these to us in Newfoundland...

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              lidiab -- Yes, YES! I remember toybox cookies!!! I am not sure I remember the icing, but I do remember the shapes and the taste.
              Oh, I wish I had one right now!

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                I remember toy box cookies very well,they were made by peak freen.Whenever we went on car trips my Mom would buy us a box to keep us quiet.I dont bleive they make them anymore,I have not seen them in years.I could go for a couple right now though,they were always my fave.

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                  I remember those cookies very well. I loved the taste of them. Sometimes we would lick the icing off and then eat the cookie. I remember the tin can the came in . Separated by white paper cups. 5 different colors and shapes. I wish I could find them again. They were the best. I think they were popular at xmas time

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                    I totally remember TOYBOX cookies! ( my mom says that is what they where called) I used to eat them at my great aunt and uncles cottage in Muskoka!!! I wish they still made them...I would love to treat my kids to those once in a while.

                    1. re: PromoSlayer

                      wow...just happened across the cookie tin for these peak freens saw it and couldn't remember why it looked familiar. then it hit me, loved these cookies. so for fun decided to look it up on the internet. low and behold, people do remember these! then came across the muskoka thing. i was only young when my father owned a cottage in muskoka but out of all the memories i have...muskoka is so dear to my heart. wish they still made those damn cookies though!

                  2. I don't want to seem pedantic but just in case anyone wants to do more research: they were actually PLAYbox Cookies (originally "iced biscuits") and were made by Peek Frean. Apparently, their tins are big sellers on Ebay.

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                      I just posted a comment on a site called Rona's Blog, she has a picture of the fancy tin in which they were also available. I have been trying to find a knock off recipe so I can try to recreate them. No luck so I am going to start my experiment with a sugar cookie base ( should actually be a hard British Style biscuit) and a rolled fondant topping.

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                        Not if you were they were always TOY Box Cookies!