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Aug 15, 2007 01:38 PM

Okonomiyaki at Snap Crepe

Has anyone tried the okonomiyaki (japanese savory pancake dish) at Snap Crepe in Georgetown?

Or know of any restaurant in the metro area that offers DIY okonomiyaki? I've heard Chez Mama-San offers it at lunch, but they cook it in the back and bring it out to you.

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  1. Chez mama-san is apparently no longer open at lunch. So Snap is the only game in town for okonomiyaki.

    1. I got the bacon okonomiyaki at Snap the other day. I had seen Anthony Bourdain get takoyaki on "No Reservations," and I actually read on chowhound that Snap had takoyaki (they don't anymore), so I wound up getting the okonomiyaki. Anyway, the okonomiyaki was good, but I'd never had it before, so I have nothing to compare to. I like the japanese mayo and soy-based sauce they put on it. The pancake was a little more dense than I expected (was expecting a bit more fluffy with greater presence of egg, less batter). It was worth it for try, but I don't need to go get it again.

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        I've had good okonomiyaki before, and I was pretty disappointed with the one at snap. I ended up throwing it out because it was so bad.