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Aug 15, 2007 01:08 PM

Beef Cheeks and Hog Jowls in/around Portland?

Pretty new to the area, and am looking for a full service butcher (or asian/hispanic grocer) that sells beef cheeks and hog jowls... anyone come across these diamonds in the rough?


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  1. Start with my tipsheet:

    For Asian grocers, the first you should check out are Uwajimaya on the west side and Fubonn on the east side. Also, An Dong in the center SE has a nice selection of meats.

    For Mexican, in NE is a small place called Don Pancho. There isn't a good Mexican grocer otherwise anywhere near the core of Portland.

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      Fabulous and exhaustive list. Just what this new kid on the block needed. Thank you and cheers!