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Aug 15, 2007 01:02 PM

Peruvian Chicken anywhere in MA?

Came back from Washington D.C. two weeks ago. Went to a restaurant called El Pollo Rico for Peruvian chicken based on the chowhound's recommendations. Loved it.

Can I find Peruvian chicken in MA?

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  1. Others who know East Boston will chime in to verify - but I think a Restaurant called El Rincon Limon may be Peruvian/

    Limster - can you help out OP?

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      Admittedly, it's been years since I've had Peruvian rotisserie chicken/pollo a la brasa, since I tend to go for the other chicken -- aji de gallina, so I don't have firm recommendations. But in addition to El Chalan and Rincon Limeno, there's Victor's and Betos on Bennington in East Boston. Yet to try those versions, but Victor's has gotten some good reports re: their rotisserie chicken. Be sure to ask for hot sauce.

    2. i like el chalan in east boston
      rincon limeno has it too but they're closed until sept

      1. I just checked Macchu Pichu in Somerville and they DONT carry it. But it's a great Peruvian place in new spacious digs that I want to get back to. They have some great sounding dishes for heartier weather, although I really should revisit the ceviche too. The menu is on their website:

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        1. re: yumyum

          Somebody should open a cevicheria in Boston.


          Anybody up for it? Anybody got some cash? I'll squeeze the limes.

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            Ceviche de Pescado - not so great. Fish fine but no flavor. Lots of onion and corn nuts. Rincon Limeno's is much better. Don't remember what my DC had, but he wasn't enthused about it either.

            1. re: DavisSquare

              I agree. Machu Picchu is crap. I've had about 5 dishes there, and all totally lacked flavor. For ceviche, lomo saltado, etc, Rincon Limeno is way better, and cheaper, and a more fun atmosphere (like a laid-back diner).

          2. there is a a place in union sq, somerville
            i have not been there but i have heard good things, let us know how it is if you go!

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