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Aug 15, 2007 12:33 PM

BEST macaroons? Boston to Nashua, nh

A friend of mine that has just moved to the Boston area from Sam Francisco, has been having macaroons overnighted to him from San Fran because, he says, he just cant seem to find any around this area that match up. Any suggestions as to where he could get some ouitstanding macaroons in the greater Boston/Southern New Hampshire area?

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  1. Interesting request because there is a macaroon place called St. Julien's in Sandown, NH (over the river and through the woods a bit from Nashua). I've tried to get there when they are open, but no luck so far. They are supposed to be fantastic, and other hounds have had them. Here's their web site.

    1. Dutch Epicure on Rte 101A (Amherst Street) between Nashua and Amherst:

      1. I would love to know where your friend is having them shipped from. I used to go to a place in SF just for the macaroons. They would dip half of them in chocolate and they weighed about 3 pounds a piece.
        So far the only place even close is The Black Forest Cafe & Bakery in Amherst NH
        I was there in the spring and they had them. They do different pastry's all the time so your friend may want to call ahead. It's a nice little place and worth the trip. Food and service were very good. I was there for brunch.

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          Interesting. I live up the hill from Black Forest and I never go there. I find Dutch Epicure's baked items more "classic". BFC&B makes a denser, more "crunchy granola" type product. At least to my taste. Another resource the OP might want to check out is The Good Loaf--it's a home-based bakery that sells at the Amherst Farmer's Market and select stores--call her: Lynda Shortt (603) 673-0471
          Her artisanal breads, cakes and cookies are excellent.

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            I guess I hit the BFC&B just right. I had never been there and met some relatives for brunch. It was good. But I'm wondering is Dutch Epicure's the same place that makes the great cakes? I know I was at a catered event and they had several of the cakes, which were out of this world. All I know is they came from a bakery on Amhearst Street. Thanks for the rec, I will be sure to try it when I'm up in the area.

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              I think you were eating Dutch Epicure cakes. BTW, Michael Timothy's in Nashua features their pastries for Sunday brunch.

              (Actually, the last time I had lunch at BFC&B, the sandwiches were very good--maybe I should give them another try!)

        2. and what is the name of this place in San Francisco?
          I would love to try some good macaroons.

          1. thanks for the replys, obvious but overlooked recommendations! The place in Sandown sounds interesting, iam not a huge fan of coconut so that would be a nice alternative. When i find out the name of the place in San Fran i'll post it on this thread. Thanks again, i was hoping i'd get some good responses, and i did!