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Aug 15, 2007 12:27 PM


I'm still whittling down my list for my trip in December (planning a meal in Paris is such fun :)
Anyway, my dining companions and I want to try aligot. From faithful searching on the France board I discovered the following 2 places:
La Lozere and Ambassade d'Auvergne.Which would you choose, and why?

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  1. La Lozere used to feature it only 1 night per week; this may have changed, whereas Ambassade d'Auvergne ha sit all the time.

    1. Chez Flottes, on rue Cambon, has Aligot available at every serving. It comes standard with the Duck Confit. This restaurant has mixed reviews: we have eaten here maybe a dozen times and always loved it. Their croque sanwiches (Provencal & Royale) are superb. Eat in the bar, as we usually do, or at one of the tables on the street.

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        Thanks - now I have one more decision to make!! :)
        Seriously, we are searching for good food as well as the aligot, but for that one night we want that to be the focus...I was hoping that someone who had been to La Lozere could comment because there's precious little info about it elsewhere. Which may be a good thing - we're also looking for more off the beaten path kind of experiences as well...

        1. re: sistereurope

          La Lozere serves aligot and only aligot on Thursdays. You can have it with: entrecote, sausage or tripe. Reservations essential. I have eaten there the past few years in Jan-Feb-March, all francophones except our table. It is close to a very touristy area but tucked up a little street. Service has been warm and gracious. The salad with huge hunks of creamy bleu de Auvergne was a hit.

          1. re: JimD

            Thanks for the reply...I only eat seafood and chicken, so that might not work for me!

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              Don't let the meat only accompanying the aligot stop you. The portions are huge, the slabs of bleu d'Auvergne cheese on the salads could be considered a main. Just have them hold the meat. They whip up a huge pot of aligot and leave it on the table so fill up on the salad [or the soup-they bring the tureen and leave it on the table for you to refill your bowl] and the aligot. The meat is really secondary the aligot is the focus. If I remember correctly it is a "menu" and dessert is also included. Another choice for aligot is Ambassade d'Auvergne, they serve it everyday. I think it is on the carte with a sausage but you could explain that you only eat chicken and fish. Their lentil salad is great for an entree and the chocolate mousse is brought to your table in a huge bowl, it is dense and fudgy and nobody can resist seconds.

              1. re: JimD

                Thanks Jim, my dining companions and I have decided to try La Lozere on a Thursday night after all. That only leaves 6 more decisions to make!!

      2. Hi, i never taste the aligot made in these two places ..but ..One the best I ever ate in Paris was in this restaurant : "Le zephyr"..M° Grand Boulevard just at the entry of the Passage Jouffroy where there is the musée Grevin ..It serves it with traditional sausages;..and just a little information : je suis née en auvergne et cet aligot a le gout de mon enfance... ;-)

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          thanks gletargat...I'll have to tell my companions...we really have our hearts set on some aligot, and we're searching for the best!

        2. Hmmm... I think Ambassade d'Auvergne is a terrific place, but I really don't think much of aligot in the first place. Kind of like a cross between mashed potatoes and rubber. I spent three weeks in the Auvergne: lentils, great; roast beef, great; lamb, great, flageolets verts, great. But aligot is more a table side show than anything. Anyway, if you go to Ambassade d'Auvergne, DO NOT MISS the Salade tiede de lentilles verts du Puy. (warm lentil salad) which is sensational.

          1. Auberge Aveyronnaise in the 14th is the best l have had in Paris. Huge, hot, and perfectly gummy. Address is 40, Rue Gabriel Lamè