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Aug 15, 2007 12:13 PM

What to order at Kyotofu?

Any recommendations for drinks and for dessert? I love the hot regular sake I always order at Japanese restaurants and haven't tried many variations. Love ALL sweets.

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  1. I don't think they have hot sake at Kyotofu, I know they have a sake tasting event coming up for $60 (sake + food), you might want to call and try that. I really like the original tofu with brown sugar sauce, I like the black sesame tofu as well, but I don't really like the sauce it comes with. The mochi cake is good too.

    1. Drink: My favorite sake is Dewazakura Oka (which is cold--hot sake is blech to me and lanadai is correct that they don't have it at Kyotofu). It's very dry but very floral; no isopropyl taste or odor.

      Dessert: the tofu cheesecake is delicious and light. I order it every time.

      1. Get the prix fixe as you get to try a lot of the different items. When I went I tried the sweet tofu, miso chocolate cake, some sort of parfait, two fruit jellies, the rice pudding, and some of the cookies.

        My favorites were the cookies, and the miso chocolate cake.

        1. I went about 2 months ago with a group for a birthday. No one was quite sure what they were ordering, but everyone was very happy with their choices. I can't quite remember the names, but about 4 out of 6 of us got what was a chocolate cake with a raspberry sauce and it was absolutely delicious (actually might have been the miso chocolate cake that kathryn refers to above). I think there was also some sort of passion fruit mousse or gel kind of thing with vanilla ice cream that was also very good. Sorry i can't be more specific, but just be adventurous and you will probably enjoy it!

          1. The three course dessert tasting menu is great, and they've just introduced a new line of bon bons which I haven't tried but you should and report back! Don't worry though, Kyotofu does well whatever you order