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Late night options close to W 32nd

I will be staying at a hotel on W. 32 St. in mid September and was looking for some good late night eats in the area....well something fairly decent that will be open between 10pm and 1am. i will be having an early dinner around 5 and just wondering where I could grab something else if I got hungry later in the night. I do not want to go too far from the area. I am open to ANY and ALL cuisine...what can i say i am adventurous...lol

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  1. You are right in the area called "Little Korea," where many restaurants are open 24/7. One you might try is Kang Suh, on 32nd, just east of B'way.

    Tir Na Nog, on 8th Av., near 33rd, is a popular Irish pub that stays open until 4 a.m.


    1. Skylight Diner. 302 W. 34, just west of the intersection of W. 34 and 9th Ave. Googgle it.
      24 hrs. Utterly reliable and predictable. Very good coffee. Their muffins and danish are superb. Everything else is average to above average. The Daily News is a few blocks away. The News rated Skylight the best diner in Manhattan. I wouldn't argue with them, despite their bias.

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          if you're on w 32nd, you'll be doing yourself a huge disservice if you don't eat at least one meal in k-town (i've never heard people call it little korea, it's k-town to us koreans). heck, there's even an independent film out called w 32nd street, based on the korean nightlife culture of k-town.

          anyway, korean restaurants stay open very late, some 24 hours (i believe that kum kang san is). they cater to the after drinking crowd, people stagger in after 4am. honestly, i've never been dazzled by k-town korean food, but then i'm biased since i grew up queens. :-)

          but if i had to choose:

          1) kunjip is solid and consistent. try the kalbi or sam gyup sal.

          2) if you're intimidated, then go to kum kang san. they are very accommodating to nonkoreans.

          3) ga mee ohk for the true afterdrinking korean experience. they specialize in suhl lung tahng, korean oxtail soup with noodles. it's a comfort food for koreans.

          4) and if you've heard anything about the korean fried chicken explosion, i suggest checking out a korean fried chicken place. the ideal late night as well. i'm not sure what's in k-town - i believe it's bon chon chicken.

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            bon chon is so far, the best of the KFC that I've had recently, I'd recommend getting the wings (the drumsticks were too wet and flabby) with the hot and spicy sauce. it's located on 32nd and 5th ave, 2nd floor, right on the SW corner of that intersection.

      1. When I lived in NYC during my college days, there were several late nights when we would venture out for some good eats. Ga Mee Ohk was one of our favorites but it was
        a small hike from NYU. Even so, it was well worth the "trip." The restaurant is located at 43 West 32nd Street. Try the potato pancakes and the seol-leong tang. If you are staying more than one night and you try this place on the first night, you will probably find yourself going again the next night. The bi-bim bap is outstanding.

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          Lol. i do not think you can get more convenient than that. 43 West 32nd Street is the address of my hotel. I will definitely try at least one of these places. Korean food is not something i am too familiar with so it should be great to try something new.

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            The White Castle on 36th and 8th is open 24 hours. That never gets old.

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              Kum Gang San - Korean BBQ - right on 32nd is open 24 hours - excellent food

        2. If you don't want a full meal, try Worijip. It is takeout and very good, and you can get anything from small snacks to full meals. It's in the middle of the block on the south side of 32nd. St. between B'way and 5th.

          1. If you're a Korean newbie, I would not do Gam Mi Ok. Although I love it, they only have a few things on the menu. They're known for Sul Long tang, a soothing (bland for some) beef broth topped with salt and scallions. That is probably not the best intro to Korean food. Won Jo or Kum Gang San is a better bet. Won Jo has better food, but Kum Gang San has better banchan. I've only been to Shilla once, but I thought their banchan was awesome as well.

            If you're willing to go slightly earlier, Artisanal on 32nd and Park is terrific as well. They're closed at midnight, and have wonderful cheese and wine flights, a perfect ending to your evening. They also have a cheesecake to die for -- my favorite in the city.

            1. I just spent three nights in K-Town at the Stanford Hotel on W 32nd (off Broadway.) This was a business trip, and I had no idea until I arrived that my hotel was in K-Town, in fact I haven't been in NYC since 1973! On my third night I finally got a chance to eat Korean food. I have had a lot of Korean food, all over the world, including Seoul, and have a fairly good idea what's what. It was late (for me, 11:00 pm) and I wanted something fairly quick but good, as I was dining alone and needed to get some sleep. The hotel valet recommended Shilla, but I decided to cruise the block (I counted about 12 restaurants) and browse the window menus. I decided on "Kun Jip", as I liked the menu and prices, and the joint was filled with groups of young Koreans. I ordered DoiJi Gal Bul Gui (pork marinated spareribs) and an appetizer of Jap Che (glass noodles with bits of beef and vegetables.) The usual assortment of small plate starters was better than typical. One of the dishes had pieces of cold, tender beef in it, something I hadn't had before. The Kimchi was good. Their tables don't have a built-in grille, they bring a portable gas-fired hotplate that worked very well. The pork ribs were delicious, and very tender, good-quality meat. (I hate chewy pork or beef.) The lettuce leaves were crisp and fresh, so I made little lettuce wraps out of the pork meat, which helped cool the meat to eating temperature off the hot grill. The Jap Che was as good as I've had, and was a good complement to the rest of the fare. A simple enough Korean meal, to be sure, not much of a sample set. More food than I should have been eating just before bedtime, there was really enough for two people, but in all honesty the quality was so good that I suffered no discomfort. The meal, including a Diet Coke and the yummy dish of sweet cinnamon (?) tea that they brought as a chaser, was just $31. In Midtown Manhattan! I'm sure there are better places in K-Town, and more exotic Korean dishes to be sampled, but I would not hesitate to try Kun Jip again, or to recommend it to wayward travellers. Next time, I will try the place mentioned elsewhere that features the oxtail soup. I do love oxtails, but have only had them in Cuban and Thai restaurants. Can't wait.

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                just call it plain luck; Kunjip is actually one of the better places on the strip so you're intuition was good. try going during normal meal hours, and you'll be hard-pressed to find a seat at that place! glad you ended up there, it's a great place.

              2. kang suh on 32nd off bway ,