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Aug 15, 2007 11:48 AM

Poll: your top 3 chow eats this week (away from home)...

My top 3, in order from merely great to truly sublime were:

3. toasted lobster roll from the Clambake in Ipswich: at $12.99 (sans french fries) this was an incredible bargain: perfectly buttered/toasted roll overflowing with a no-frills lobster salad; heavy on the meat, light on the mayo; added a bit of hot sauce for extra punch

2. Valrhona bittersweet chocolate ice cream cone at Christina's: incredible flavor and texture; best ice cream experience all summer

1. tofu banh mi from Mei Sum bakery (thanks to Chowhound recs for this one): this was my first banh mi ever, so I've no point of comparison, but it was kind of magical the way the thing just worked so well as a whole, with many distinct flavors and textures all perfectly balanced: fresh, hot, sweet, crispy, herby, and only $2.75! I've found a new lunchtime fave...

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  1. 1. Banh xeo, and banh hoi with beef at Xinh Xinh (Chinatown). Oh, and a delicious avocado shake with tapioca pearls.

    2. Tuna nicoise at No 9 Park - tender slices of seared spice-crusted tuna with a quail egg and fingerling potatoes.

    3. Today's lunch - a roast beef from Mike's Roast Beef with mayo, lettuce, and extra sauce.

    No 9 Park
    9 Park Street, Boston, MA 02108

    Xinh Xinh
    7 Beach St, Boston, MA 02111

    Mike's Roast Beef
    127 Broadway, Everett, MA 02149

    1. Ok. I will chime in. I hope that this counts...

      #1 On Sunday, the Roman and I whiled (sp?) away the day driving through the farmlands of MA seeking out the freshest produce at many farmstands. Corn. Tomatoes. Cukes. Peppers. Onions. Dick's Farmstand. Gary's. Who are these people? Verrill Farm proved to be the one with the greatest variety of veggies and such. With the wind whipping though our hair, we drove eating the ripest cherries and spitting the pits out of the windows of the car. Yep. Cherries. Fresh as can be. My #1.
      #2) Who would think that after all that driving we would end up at Antico Forno. If you know us, this is where you will find us. This is my number two Chow of the week. I swear that this restaurant stole my kitchen. If it were open morning, noon, and night, he would be there. I thought that I was at least a decent cook... We split the octopus appetizer with a red sauce. Nothing to write home about but then again, maybe I should take notes. Next was the fried eggplant. That's when the Roman when on with his famous soliloqy about how his mom makes this. What a great indication to really know he likes something. Fried eggplant and melted mozz. Hm. I can do that! I think anyway. The Roman had the pasta with scallops and scrimps with arugala, lightly dressed in a white sauce. I had their oven roasted chicken. For sixteen dollars, I can't go wrong. Whatever I don't finish, I take it home and add to the salad that I will make from the Sunday Mission Vegetable Stand.
      #3 Alas, I am in the restaurant business and I have yet to complete the list of chow. Many many many people to serve for RW. Maybe it'll make your list. It's only Wednesday. We are off to Plum Island for a weekend getaway from the hustle and bustle of Beantown. PIG's report is yet to come.

      1. 1. Double thick bacon steak at ECG brunch. I've had brunch there dozens of times and never tried this before. I'm adding it to my "usual" order now. Fabulous! Smokey, porky, salty and addictive.

        2. Cold lobster roll at Neptune.

        3. Sweet & spicy pork at Om today. Holy cow! I wanted to lick the plate... Sinfully good pork belly is served with black rice, baby bok choy, and frizzled scallions. Probably the best thing I've ever eaten here.

        1. 1) Pork chop dinner at Mrs. Jones, Dorchester. Tender meat, delicious gravy, great side of black-eyed peas...

          2) Potato pancakes from Joan and Ed's Deli, Natick. Much better than the ones I had at Rein's the week before...

          3) Spicy curry noodles with chicken and veggies at Eastern Pier on the Waterfront. About 2 pounds of food, and I ate every bit of it....

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          1. re: hiddenboston

            Hey --I think I asked this before...any standouts/recs for Eastern Pier? I've yet to make it over there but I swear I'm gonna get there soon. Just want to be ready when I finally do....

            1. re: twentyoystahs

              This is from my entry on July 20...definitely head over to Eastern Pier while the weather is still warm, as half the fun is eating on the water!

              A few items I like there include the wonton soup, hot and sour soup, kun pao chicken (a favorite of my GF's), sizzling beef in black bean sauce (tasty spices, but not overly hot), and a curry noodle with pork and shrimp (similar to Singapore noodle).

              1. re: hiddenboston

                Awesome, thanks. I think we've talked about that Kung Pao chicken before; I LOVE good kung pao chicken so that's definitely on my list when I finally make it there. And yeah, I know we need to eat out on that back deck, we will go soon!

                1. re: twentyoystahs


                  everything was delsicious and a great value. my new favorite suburaban italian joint.

          2. So far this week...

            1. Grotto for the RW menu. Sublime scallops. DH flipped for the spaghetti and meatballs.
            2. Blue Room for RW. Was expecting much, but was pleasantly surprised. The grilled trout was excellent as was the roasted tomato starter. We cheated though, and also ordered the duck risotto starter and the gnocchi starter. The gnocchi was a stand-out in a very lemon/tarragon (or was it thyme?) cream sauce. Heavenly.
            3. Lunch yesterday -- a grilled chicken sandwich from Sparky's Wings in downtown Haverhill. That place has the best darn grilled chicken sandwiches around and my colleagues love the wings.