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Aug 15, 2007 11:44 AM

Addie's- Rockville

I have a reservation at Addie's in Rockville for Friday night. I'm bringing the in-laws and am a bit nervous about how it'll go, I've never been there. They're pretty much meat and potatos types and not very formal, so it seemed like a good place to take them from the reviews. Any thoughts on the food or atmosphere or suggestions on what to order?

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  1. If they are 'meat and potatoes types then they should order the ribeye. Last time I had it there I thought it was awesome. However, regardless of what they order, I can't imagine them getting a 'bad' meal at Addies. Oh - and I always order the PEI mussels when I go to Addies - they are fresh, grit-free, and cooked perfectly. I don't know about others on the list, but I don't think of Addie's as formal - it's great food in a slightly funky location ... but I don't consider it a formal restaurant.

    1. I have to second the choice of the ribeye... some of the best meat I've eaten. I love Addies... you're parents will too. What a great choice, I think I'm going to have visit soon!

      1. If you arrive early and want cheap pre-dinner drinks (beer and most likely wine you would never order in a restaurant), you can go to Hank Dietel's Tavern next door first. :)