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Aug 15, 2007 11:43 AM

Minnesotans: are you still into Grain Belt beer??

a nice article in the STRIB August 15th about how it is brewed at the August Schell brewery in New Ulm. the article mentions that the relatively new owners of the brand have tweaked the recipe to improve it. does anyone consider GB still worth drinking?? sadly this is an iconic brand that has bounced around from one owner to another-- Heileman in La Crosse. The now closed big brewery on west 7th in st paul. maybe others. Long gone is the historic old brewery in Northeast Minneapolis. So, is Grain Belt today anything like Grain Belt in its prime??

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  1. I don't drink it much any more, what with Summit, Surly, Brau Brothers and the newest, Flat Earth Brewing.

    1. I had some at a party last weekend and it seemed similar .... but it was after a lot of Fat Tire so it was a flawed judgment.

      1. You have to put it into perspective. Every major city has its local basic pils. Natty Bo in Baltimore. Stroh's in Cleveland. Iron City in Pittsburgh. Rainier and Olympia in Seattle. Boston used to have Narragansett. That sort of thing.

        On that scale of things, Grain Belt stacks up pretty well. Virtually every bar serves it. And it has replaced PBR for that down-class panache.

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        1. re: Loren3

          Its no Old-Style, thats for sure.

        2. The flavor is as good as ever. If I'm given a choice between Bud, Miller, Coors or Grain Belt, I'd go with the Grain Belt every time. It has always tasted kind of sweet to me.

          My biggest complaint is in distribution--for example, it isn't sold at all at the Metrodome. They have Gluek's, but no Grain Belt.

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          1. re: Orange Julius

            I would choose Grain Melt (aka Brain Melt) over Bud, Miller, etc. And if you're ever at the Kozy Bar in Duluth MN I would suggest ordering one instead of a Summit. The bartender gets pretty peeved when you order them fancypants beers.