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Aug 15, 2007 11:42 AM

Vegas- Fine Dining w/ affordable drinks?

Hi! I'm going to Vegas this weekend with a group of 5 and we'd like to check out a nice restaurant. I've been reading about Mario B's B&B Ristorante and it looks great. If anyone could advise on the price of lets say a glass of house wine, that would be a big help.

I welcome any other recommendations. We like steak... hearty foods. Italian, American, French maybe. And I think we'd like to get this party started at dinner so the affordable drinks would help (10-12?).


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  1. i just came back from vegas and we went to rao's @ caesar's palace. it's a good place to go with a group because they encourage you to do kind of a family style sharing thing. hearty italian dishes. not sure of their drink prices but a glass of wine shouldn't be more than 10 or 12 bucks.

    1. i ate at B&B last week ( i left my camera at my lv digs, otherwise, a review would have been posted already ) i did not care for the wine by the glass selection....i don't remember a glass under $12, but i was not that focused on the price - i actually had a beer...when i asked if they had peroni or moretti, the server told me i was the first person when asking for a beer to ask for those beers...this surprised me since i always thought these were the standard italian beers...the peroni cost $8...

      1. Sensi at the Bellagio. cant go wrong. best in the city.

        1. I ate at B&B last week and liked it quite a bit. They have all the usual interesting Batali dishes and at least one steak (ribeye). They don't do wines by glass, but rather by the “quartino”, which is 250 ml (about 1 2/3 glasses) served in a mini decanter. The wines were simple and good, but nothing fancy, and were reasonably priced ($12). You can read my review and menu here: